Darkness as a teacher, Holy Creators on how to transmute the shadow self


When our consciousness finally rises above the mentality of duality many problems or views cease to exist. Our view of life itself changes. We are here to continually grow and change and evolve to be the human gods we were sent to be.

One thing I have noticed among many light workers and new agers is that they try to hide or pretend evil and darkness no longer exist. By denying the existence of darkness or by simply ignoring it we are then pretending that aspect of our creator does not exist.
By doing so we are then perpetuating and prolonging life within the confines of duality. Duality is simply a classroom where we were sent to experience and learn darkness 101.

As a light weaver and love weaver I have had my crossing and experiences with darkness. Many times in a very intimate manner and at times extremely unpleasant forms.
Each time I have taken a step in my spiritual evolution it has been there to test me. I use to fight against it out of my own fear of evil due to my catholic upbringing. Then something happened within me and I became an observer, an observer of my own darkness in the form of deep pain and sorrow.

I received a powerful temptation from a being referring to himself as the leader of darkness the night after I had connected to the divine grid of creation. I said no to what he and his companion offered me and on that day I was severely attacked and my etheric body was destroyed or at least most of it. That left me feeling a deep, deep sorrow and pain for over a month and as I experienced the pain they would implant thoughts of suicide and much more in my mind.

I became really good at observing myself and my emotions. The “little” voice within me became stronger and stronger as the days went by and it allowed me to fully differentiate between my own thoughts and intuition and the thoughts darkness was implanting. At the end of what can only be called a powerful initiation I came out with a much deeper and greater understanding of darkness and evil.

I do not condone or even reject that aspect anymore. I started to appreciate it and eventually a deep gratitude welled up within me. I understood its needs, its desired to be understood and loved. The devotion it has to help us grow and evolve out of this lower reality.
Darkness in its own fear and ignorance has achieved so much in helping us evolve far beyond anything else.

Darkness in its purest form at it’s very core is full of light, a light that strives to know itself as love. A light that strives to go back to its original source and to be in deep embrace of its divine creator. It was then I understood it takes a powerful being made completely of love to be able to take such a tremendous role. If I see this darkness as in the story of the bible and name it Lucifer, I understand why the choice was made. It was all out of love, a being much in love with our creator and with us that it sacrificed its place of light and decided to be of service in ways different from the light. It knew itself and had so much faith in knowing that through it all it would never loose itself.

Now here we are and darkness has evolved so much and is now finding its way back into the fold of the heavenly creator.

Darkness in itself is not evil but has been convoluted and manipulated by many beings. In all honesty it is time to face the shadows within our selves and rise above , and out of the depths of ignorance together. We can no longer shove or sweep it under the rug and pretend it isn’t there. Rather than to avoid it or pretend it’s not there we can now help transmute it and in harmony lift it out its fear and allow it to feel love.

I’m talking about the darkness we all carry and fear. By no means am I saying to give into dark impulses or desires but to observe them when they arise in order to understand and transmute them into what they really are, Light wanting to find itself and the way back to source. We must all remember and understand in the greater picture darkness has a huge role and would not exist if our Creator had not wished it.

It is time we make the best of life, and the best of all energy infusions and activations that are being presented to us. We are here to learn the most we can. June will be a month to reach higher as the massive waves from source keep upgrading our energy field. A month to rise from the shadows of our own illusions and come out victorious in the presence of our own light.

Holy Creators

Jose: I feel compelled to ask you about your view of darkness ?

Holy Creators : What darkness, from our perspective all is love. What you are referring as darkness we see as a great teacher. We see an energy an a force so powerful it both enticed many of you and at the same time has taught many of you. Humanity has reached great levels of understanding through the happenings of darkness. Darkness gives you a point of reference in order to know your true form and your true reality. A reality known as Love.

J :What is your feeling regarding humans killing humans, and humans destroying Mother Nature?

HC :How else can the sum of all of you learn about life if not through death… You are learning about existence by understanding the impermanence of energy, of shape and form. When a human body dies it doesn’t cease to exist, the energy and the consciousness simply change form. The Soul and the spirit review the happenings of that life and then go on existing and choose another vehicle to experience a different perspective of itself.

As for Mother Nature, she suffers by your ignorance as she feels pain as her creatures are eradicated and forests destroyed but by no means does she hold resentment or animosity towards any of you. She does not pray to god and asks to be saved as she knew before taking the form of a planet what it would take in the grand game you are all a part of.
Mother Nature, Gaia as many if you know her is the full embodiment of absolute love. She loves you all so much she is willing to patiently wait for you to find your way back home.

You are all loved so deeply and the entire universe is going at the perfect pace for you all to come home to yourselves. There are so many forces at play rooting you on. Daily you are showered by love frequencies, by light and by so much star dust you could start your own nursery. Grow the seeds within you into a full blossoming golden tree.

All of you and all of existence are just forces at play with each other. A beautiful balancing game of give and take. A dance of love, a dance of life. We see reality as such and so much more.

J :Most of is have impulses and desires and shadow sides, can you suggest anything to help us clear and move through them?

HC :It is common knowledge among the spiritual savvy that the more you fight and urge a desire, an impulse or even trying to suppress it the more it will have a hold on you. Resistance is the most traveled path and the one filled with the most pain. Take the river for instance, it travels by easily flowing and carving its way through obstacles. It is never forceful but always persistent and simply follows its nature.

You must also understand why you develop impulses and desires, and know that it is all part of your human nature. It is when you choose to behave through your godly nature that you can understand and transmute those energies into what they were intended to do in the first place. A creative force within you wanting to carve through obstacles and manifest into physicality your wishes and desires. Never hide or suppress your emotions or your thought as it is then a vortex of energy is created and all it wants is to be manifested. By concentrating on your breath and grounding the energy as it happens you will save yourselves lots of grief. As you concentrate on the emotion or the thought, show it love and gratitude and transmute it through your powerful intention. Intention combined with controlled breath is a powerful expression of your godly selves.
Shadow selves are just more advanced forms of thoughts and emotions and desires that have been suppressed over the years. They then turn into a trigger and a defense mechanism. The simplest and fastest way is to observe them, and give them what they, what you have wanted from the start to be loved and understood. Love your shadow side, embrace it and transmute it and make yourself free. In previous communications we have given many tools and symbols to move you through triggers. Today we will give you one to help you embrace your shadow selves and to purify them and demonstrate gratitude.

J :Thank you my divine guides and guardians.

HC :may the blessings of the Holy Divine Structure spring from your heart.

Blessings of love to all.


After removing layers use this new symbol to bring higher clarity to the shadow selves.



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