Soul wisdom and blessings of love


So much has been happening since the gateway of love on the 14th of May. Wave after wave of energy hit our energy systems, giving us the opportunity to face our inner most selves. Yes outwardly for many it does seem that not much has taken place but if we were to have someone from outside our timeline they would tell us how much we have and are changing at such a fast rate that to us experiencing this seems a if all has come to a standstill.

The increase of energy needs to be a gradual one, including the many small timelines we have entered and experienced. This has to be a gradual process in order for our bodies, and our energy bodies not to be overwhelmed to the point that it would become detrimental not only for our physical health, but for our mental and emotional sanity. A gradual yet divinely timed increment of energies is taking place in order for the change to be more dramatic and drastic, with the greatest impact to our over all well being.

Years ago I remember cleaning the pond I had built, I had lots of small fish in there. Thinking I would be helping them I emptied all the dirty, muddy water with clean fresh water. To my surprise approximately 95 percent of the fish died. I was shocked at what my good intentions had done to the fish who I would talk to on a regular basis. It was a great lesson in understanding reality and knowing how the process of light works as well. It was at that moment I began to understand the intricacies of our reality and how well timed it all needs to be in order to get the most benefit out of our human experience.

The increase in our vibrational energy has been exponential ,whether one is aware of it or not is of no consequence. Only difference is that one who is aware can better channel the emotions that may arise out of such an increase that literally came to purge us into the new reality. From the 11th to the 14th, I experienced an upgrade of energy so great it made me physically ill which doesn’t happen unless the light quotient increase is so great my energetic grid actually rearranges and reshapes and re-calibrated itself in ways beyond anything I could describe. I also have understood why I became ill other than the energetic reasons. I entered into a new timeline. A timeline of peace and love and a flow so divine I was taken by surprise in so many ways.

During the days I wasn’t feeling well I kept waking up at 3:30 am and kept having amazingly powerful and realistic dreams. Two of the events that took place in my dreams have already come to pass, which lead into the next and final event which is starting to take place now as I’m writing. This was also confirmed by someone I trust deeply. We are starting to enter a new timeline, a timeline coming to prepare us for the absolute reality of peace. A reality where we will co-create a momentous movement of peace and we will embody peace itself.

“This moment of being human is the most powerful one. We are creating a new reality. A reality where peace prevails and self love is a miraculous blessing that mirrors all around us. ”
The new timeline comes with incredible opportunities for accelerating our growth into a level of self love that will lead us into the new era. Such a timeline is coming with a wave of energy so beyond anything so far it will flood the entire planet and our energetic system will be pushed to the limits. We will feel as if we are drowning in our own emotions and thoughts and it will be then the greatest purge of the all will take place. We will arise with a pristine DNA/RNA and a heart to match. For those of us ready and who are doing the work it will be a bliss filled transition and for the rest, well it is safe to say it will be an affair to remember.

This experience will be beyond anything that has been explained or minimized by. Pleiadian infusions of love, vortex or gateways activations etc, without sounding offensive they are small words to explain what is really taking place. A happening so divine you have to be human to understand it and experience it at its finest and juiciest. Never has it been so divine to be in human form, so incredibly powerful to be in this form it overshadows the rest. It is here and now the greatest miracle is taking place.
For all you my star seed family, my angelic family, beings of light, gods and goddesses let go of the pain, the feeling of being homesick and enjoy the greatest experience we have come here to master. Human now is the the greatest miracle of all as it is through this vehicle we are finally experiencing at its fullest the holiness of self love and the holiness of the Creator as pure individuals and as a unity consciousness. Ahhh! Say it with me ” It is good to be Hu-man.”

With the highest love of who I am and with the love of the Holy Creators I give you my blessings and my love,



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