Council of Light Member, the Holy Creators and Sigil of Love


It has been quite intense for a little over a week now. A feeling of a big impending event turned out to be a great gateway activation with tremendous pouring of energy through the full moon. Last friday the 9th of May I spent it feeling off and so I decided to do lots of inner work and healing on myself and some core issues from a traumatic childhood. By the time I was done with the healing this words were said through my heart ” Living in my greatest joy and no longer contained within paradigms the clarity of my knowing is a divine blessing within my Holy Divine Structure.” It surely was a beautiful way to end my healing that day. My wife came home and we had a small chat about the day and she proceeded to cuddle and nurture our 5 year old beautiful feline friend Natie.

The following morning I woke up to a distressed friend contacting me as as i was done hearing about the issues I proceeded to get ready and as I was on my way out I noticed my cat was in the litter box to which I said to him ” Natie you silly cat, why are you sleeping in the litter box?” Turns out he had decided to leave this dimension for good. I had to remain strong and kept my feelings inside and did not allow or could not grieve right away. On Sunday through certain events that happened the grief became unbearable and by Monday I had become physically ill through the combination of grief and the trauma of loss from my childhood buried deep within that had surfaced and made itself known in a very explosive manner.

Monday evening I was feverish, severe stomachaches and body aches with the shivers. I was in an out of consciousness but I was fortunate to have my beloved by my side who took really good care of me even though through my own pain I wasn’t very kind earlier that day. Tuesday I spent it recovering and seeing my cat through the corner of my eye several times throughout the day.

Wednesday arrived and i woke up feeling physically better but then again as evening approached I started feeling ill and even had severe pain on my back. By 8:06 pm I heard ” It’s coming, it’s coming” and I was like what is coming? As I heard those words I started to recover and the pain went away and I started to feel a great sense of joy and inner peace.

As I experienced my spirit soar I decided to ask what was really taking place, and I was reminded once again about the Gateway, the great door and passage opening through the forces of the moon and the alignment of several planets in conjunction with the galactic cores perfectly timed wave of energy. The pressure felt by many especially by those who are very sensitive was excruciating for lack of a better word.

I asked a member of the oldest order in creation and a member of the Council of Light for feed back and his thoughts of what was taking place. His name is Arzzan Nahim Edderah and he is one of the seed creators of the Lion Race and yes he is a feline being as well. He came by with a panther like being although much bigger and with a jet black coat with a fiery shimmering reddish golden brilliance to it. I immediately knew who it was through the physical purring I could hear, a purring all too familiar for me as it was the purring of my newly departed companion.

Arzzan: At the galactic core there has been a harmonic resonance that had been waiting to be activated and allowed to enter into your reality for eons of years. A perfect balance and endurance had to be reached by your quadrant of this side of the universe in order to withstand the tremendous pressure this energy places on the core of everything that exists. Such a pressure is so powerful a few months back would have fried you all. Through all the upgrades made and through perfect timing you were reached at the most auspicious of times.

You thought your DNA had changed before, well then just wait and see how much more it will change from this day forth. Yes you will experience great physical pressure and for those empaths the emotional and physical pressure might seem unbearable as you give birth to a whole new you. You will truly experience what it is like to be in one of your pressure cookers. Ah but the rewards are priceless. Your crystalline selves will make itself known in more obvious ways. In ways that even your scientists will be forced to acknowledge as the truth will not be so easily covered any longer.

The celestial kingdom, the angelic beings of every level are here to aid in such a process. Devas and elementals are being helped and trained in order to help humanity anchor such a huge increase in frequency that will soon be experienced once the energy and light is processed and anchored from this gateway of love. Prepare yourselves for the outer physical change to become so obvious even the skeptics will not be able to deny it any longer. The world as you know it is about to change incredibly. Reality itself will seem warped as it rebirths itself.

This gateway of love is no ordinary event, it has been harmoniously planned and calculated by the celestials and even they are surprised at the turn of events. Believe it or not we of the higher realms can still be surprised. Why were we all surprised? Because of the level of purging experienced by many Light Weavers. The purging was so great it became identified with the feeling of dying and wanting to end it all but you beloved light weavers you have made it through another great initiation of divine love. You are the forefront pioneers and we applaud you for your courage and perseverance. You were able to turn your emotions around so quickly and in doing so you have shown the level of growth attained by you and thus by humanity because you are all ambassadors and representatives of humanity.

We respect you greatly for your courage and if it were up to us we would have full disclosure through you instead of your governments who do nothing but delay the inevitable for their own greedy goals. This gateway has opened the door to an entirely new paradigm and although it will take some of your linear time the permission to interact with your humanity through light weavers has now been given and it is a “GO.” Many of you have been patiently waiting and we understand and divine creator has agreed that it is time to fully bless you and garnish you in your divinity and your divine new selves.

Holy Creators: Our dear family, yes we shall not refer to you as our children but as our peers our equals. Although you don’t feel it yet and many don’t know it yet you are all gods and goddesses. Many of you have heard the saying ” the return of the Gods.” As Council member Arzzan was already saying through his heart to yours, they are also waiting for the return of the Gods. Humans have worshipped extraterrestrial beings, and those including Angelic beings, light beings and many more not of earthly birth. The true return of the gods and goddesses the All is waiting for is the return of you divine humans to remember and embrace who you are. You are the gods you are waiting for and who we are waiting for. It is for that very reason the new template of holy humans has been granted to remind you of your holiness.

How will you play this grand new game, how will you embrace your new roles as holy humans and as gods and goddesses? Now there is some food for thought for you to ponder on. Holy humans are now ready to embrace the new template and it will be possible by the birth of a holy being and the awakening of one already present. It will then be a simple effect of the law of physics, law of magnetics and the law of attraction all in perfect unison. Micro and macro-physics will then merge in a beautifully orchestrated dance and a new era shall begin.

Outwardly at times it seems as if nothing has changed or is changing. Humans are still at war with each other and the few are reaping the benefits of all their misdeeds, they seem and think that they are getting away with everything, and yes it might seem so but after this gateway of love, divine love will vibrate so high in the octaves of love that a perfect octave is now possible, and a new dawn of the new reality will make itself known here and now. Patience is virtue and yes your patience is now being rewarded and you are all receiving bonuses for a job well done. You have played the game well, and you played hard and it is only fitting to gift you with the gifts of your true selves. You will dance and love to your heart’s desires and beyond.

BE kind to yourselves in times of growth and change and be even kinder in times of heavy purging and reap the benefits of your strong hearts and know you are loved through all eternity. We gift to you all a sigil, and activation/gateway of love. Seat and meditate with it and allow it to magnify the energies now fully present of this gateway of love brought to you by the many blessings earned through your work.
Take the sigil through your eyes and through your hands and connect deeply into your hearts and activate it by repeating out loud or in your heads three times ” Le Ki Na Ra Cha ‘El ” Then meditate on the blessings of love you shall receive.

Blessed is the love of the All that dwells within your sacred hearts.



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