Holy Creators and the Holy light


Today has been an incredibly odd and interesting day. I felt extremely tired and ended up taking a nap twice during the day, I woke up tired and remained tired no matter how much I grounded and did healing on myself. I now understand it was because I was working out there and also taking training to prepare for things to come. Seems we will be getting hit with multiple powerful solar flares in conjunction with light waves and the adamantine particles from the point of light coming from the center of source.
So much is happening that it seems to slow down to a complete stop. I felt as if life itself sped up making the old crippling reality fall apart even more. It was that slowing down that felt almost dizzying as the old and the new seemed to blend as one for a moment or two. The entire planet itself feels as a great purge is about to occur. Also the same feeling as if a boiling point is about to be reached especially in California in relation to seismic activity. In a different post I mentioned that my feeling was that around the 14th of May a great movement might occur and that still holds based on what I’m being told and what I am perceiving. By no means am I predicting, I am simply informing the possibility of a great movement in California, particularly in the L.A area.

As the new reality leaves the old one behind, the matrix of the old seems to be deteriorating more and more with each day that goes by and with each person who awakens and taps into the new reality. The divine matrix or divine grid, however you wish to call it is now day by day more present as the light weavers weave more and more light. As a light weaver I have been in training in the higher realms on a regular basis. I have now been trained to be able to channel and be of service through what I was told is Holy light.

Now this Holy Light has a unique source and unique origins as it isn’t holy in the sense of how it would be referred through religious terms. This is a new refined form of Holiness an upgraded version of divinity being manifested now as the frequency of our reality changes and becomes more and more refined. As the crystallization of our DNA speeds up so does our ability to connect with the higher light and higher realms.

This Holy Light is being described to me now by the Council of Holy Creators as the Mother of all lights, including basic light, the subtle yet powerful radiant light within the light of the suns and stars, the light within the darkness that makes up the void and the light that created our divine creators. Our reality, our planet and humanity have risen slowly in frequency and is now ready to get on the fast flow to ascension and beyond ascension that the Council of Holy Creators has allow the greatest dispensation possible to our level of existence now. The levels and quality of divinity has changed into an unprecedented level of being due to the fact that creation itself has evolved and the density due to 3D and it’s many protocols has released its firm hold on the greater hologram of reality. A new level of loving and living is now possible thanks to this release and humanity can now move into it’s greatest golden age.

Back to Holy Light, I have been using it with different clients and the results have been wonderful, especially when it comes to relieving physical pain and in realigning the energy grid of the body. It also completely expands and infuses the soul matrix according to the needs of the person receiving and also in accordance to the guidance I’m receiving through my divine knowing and my intuition. It is also wonderful in clearing negative interference and works in all the subtle bodies and so much more takes place that I will have to include in a course I will be teaching on how to heal with Holy Light.

Holy light is a wonderful tool for removing Karma and cellular memory, trauma and much more out of the physical body. I’m so happy and confident in this new form of healing that I will start offering it to the public in sessions as of now and soon through courses.

Council of Holy Creators

The name given as council of Holy Creators is only necessary to describe the qualities we carry. We are in a way a separate aspect of your creators and yet they are members as well. Although separation does not exist there still is individuality in order to differentiate what and who we are in relation to the grander scale of our original source.

It has been by permission of our original source that we have been allowed to now enter your creation in the full aspects of who we are. Before it was only allowed through back doors and side ways as to not interfere in your creators game. As it was known by Jose and many of his peers and event took place in the recent past and The old game was won as it was told to him by his teacher. A new form of the game started to play itself out and through the great joy of the grand Creator a new innovation is now taking place to which all of you agreed.

The total and complete transmutation of the dark or evil is now taking place. A union in existence will occur even at the lowest levels as the frequency necessary for the birth of holy beings is now present in your reality. At every level of 3D new Holy beings are getting ready to be brought forth as Holy Humans. This will start taking place right before your shift occurs. Their birth will be a way to usher you all into the greatest game anyone has ever played.

The rules are about to change, reality and existence as you all know it will transform as well. The old basic form of stirring the pot through disturbance or darkness or evil is about to be eradicated and replaced by Holiness. It will be holiness that will take the form of the stirrer and it will be through holiness you will learn to grow and coexist with all there is. By no means will there be boredom or stagnation as this new form of existence is in a constant forward motion as part of a new experimental game. Not all beings will participate but many of you explorers will be invited to partake in this transformational evolution taking place.
In the days to come I Jose with the Holy Creators will manifest a symbol for all of you willing and ready to receive a refined energetic upgrade unlike any other. Such upgrade will be a game changer for many of you.

Blessings and love through the highest essence and frequency we carry as our gift to you all through each and every word and hidden word in this message.

**I’m now offering healing sessions with Holy Light for anyone interested: book a session here.


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