Encoded light transmission through Divine Knowing


There is one term I would like to coin before I go into my message, I have been feeling the term light-worker no longer applies to all of us. I feel work is no longer a matter of bringing light or bringing light is not about working with it. We are now Light Weavers, Love Weavers for that is our mission in this wondrous existence of ours, to bathe in who we are at our fullest and to weave love and light into every reality we are a part of. So here goes for all Light Weavers and Love Weavers, rejoice in your existence, rejoice in your life.

Through every single word written here there are light transmissions, light codes ready to be activated by your intention to know yourselves. Activations of love, a love from the Council of Creators right here with me now and within my heart.
It is in the highest light we are always held in the deep embrace of the divine Creators.
It is through the highest love we are nourished.

Recently there have been many planetary changes, and alignments, and cosmic infusions of divine love and high frequency light. All this is leading to the highest responsibility a human being can take, the responsibility to ascend into the highest level possible for each and every individual as well as helping the entire planet become her grand new Crystalline self.

There is no need to be affected by such happenings in a negative way. We were created to adapt to even the highest light. We have been entrenched in darkness and that bubble has been burst completely. We are no longer the darkest planet on this side of our galaxy. In fact we are now as a planet as a New Earth the holders of divine and holy templates of light and New Light! It is up to each an everyone of you to accept and receive and realize yourself as a holy divine being.

There has been the seeding and a birth of a new template that fully vibrates to the new frequency of the divine paradigm. Together with the new template of the Council of the Elohim and the New Sun and the light from cosmic center of creation an amazing new era has now begun. April has been the month of awakening the month for the greatest quickening humanity and Mother Earth have ever faced as a whole.

It is now time to fully awaken and accept our divine heritage. Our heritage has always been about accepting the existence of our heavenly realm not somewhere out there but here now in our physicality. The only needle that needs to be passed now is that of awareness and perception which leads into acceptance of what is right in front of us. We have always been here to realize our heavenly existence here and NOW in our every day life. As Gods awakened to the knowing and understanding we are all from one undifferentiated source and we are the grandest experiencers and explorers of the Holy Divine.

It is now time for humanity to remember what it is like to be divine. Divine at the fullest aspect of the word. No more do we need to be simply seating in meditation to connect with who we are and with our divine knowing. We are it! The process can be accelerated through activating the DNA Holy Codes and it will be then when the greatest quickening and feelings of bliss will eradicate the suffering deeply programmed within aspects of ourselves, including DNA. That termed as junk DNA is the holder of humanities greatest light at a physical level and the gateway to activating the Holy Codes.

We are so much more than just codes and strands of DNA, as within it at the deepest levels there are infinite layers of infinity loops that are also key to our infinite self. We are simply a reflection and a manifestation of the highest light. We are holders of heaven, we are heaven and through each and everyone of us the manifestation of what a heavenly existence is like is fully mirrored and manifested.

Do not wait any longer for the universe to conspire to fulfill your wishes and missions but instead let’s conspire to be the universe and to meet the universe half way and let’s create as one. We have the power within, we are the power and the source to change reality, to change life and to change existence. Yes we are that amazing, yes we are that especial and all of creation knows it, and I hope you all reading this either feel it through my words or know deep in your hearts how amazing we all are.

I have finally learned to write not only as who I am and through my divine knowing but also to be the being that is channeled at any given moment. Even now as I write these words there is a deep connection to my divine knowing and the Council of Creators, I am as one with them. I am them and I can see through their eyes how reality, how dimensions and levels upon levels are realigning to welcome us home. To welcome us once our perception reaches the level of knowing we are already here in our highest glory as masters awakened. Open your hearts and see… and yet we are there. Ah paradoxical we are, multidimensional self be everything and everyone and enlightened you shall be.

I can see how our creation folds and unfolds itself in order for the grandest welcome to the only reality there is, the reality of Absolute Love. Knowers, explorers, experiencers, watchers, guardians, lovers, lifers, welcome to yourselves and know yourselves as LOVE. With an awakened heart comes the greatest gift of living a life so divine it makes your toes curl with joy.


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