Sharing my Joy

The day of the 15th of April was filled with so much love. Everyone who was part of our love ceremony was a blessing.
My love to you all,


This were the opening words read by My wonderful friend an angel in physical form, among her eloquent welcome.

Written by Jose
Tonight we submerge in a golden moment in time
In deep visions of love We soar
Into past knowing, self reawakened
Self in luminescent space.

Bathing in the purity of the full moon
Walking in a path visible by the light
Hearts pounding with the passion of a life well lived.
Allowing the sweet reward of a moment filled with divine love.

Singing heart, radiant soul manifesting with purity sublime.
Burning with living love
Divine knowing, Holy Light, welcome emissaries of light!

My Vows To Jose:

Wandering the roads of life, almost losing hope, and following my heart’s yearning,
I saw the beacon of your shining light, calling to stay the course, and calling me to yourself…
I stayed the course and so we met, and the fire of recognition expanded within my soul,
Rushing me – to my purpose, my essence, my mirror, my true unconditional love, – into your embrace.., myself I saw in you and I surrendered.

We went through storms like a boat holding each other,
We saw the storms part and the sun shine… and we laughed.
And through this short intense travel together,
We learnt to be true to each other, and finally we saw the shore…

And today as we are arriving at the union of our hearts, I say to you, my Beloved!

I give you my promise of Eternal Unconditional Love,
to hold you deep within my heart with All that I AM to love All that You Are.

I give you my promise to be the Support and Hope that you deserve,
To lift you up when you are down, to make you laugh when you cry and to be your True Best Friend.

I give you my promise of Partnership and Sacred Marriage to stand together
Joined at the hip, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, and become One in Mind and Heart.

You are my One True Love, you are my Darling, my Daring and Most Loving Heart,
You are the Depth and Wisdom of my Multidimensional Soul,
You are my Destiny, for there is no destiny without you.
Today I surrender in full trust into the Love that we have and into the Life that we see together.

When I look into your eyes, I see the Universe and it’s name is Love.
When I look into your Heart, I see the Infinite and it’s name is Love.
When I see Your Spirit, I see God, and Your name is Love.

Today, I am joining you to become One with You, My Beloved, my Eternal Lover, My Twin Flame and My Husband.

I love you!

Ella My Eternal Beloved

The love of the soul is eternal and I love you soul to soul.
Never have I surrendered in such a complete way.
I am here to give you my heart and give you my all.
I love you since before and ever after and until the eternal day.

I see you clear and pure
I see you as you are
I see you as I am

Day by day we are as one in sweet surrender.
Through your eyes I see the highest love of my life!
Through your essence divine Mother blesses me.
Through you I see the beauty in each and every sacred woman of the world.

I promise to be the best I can be.
I promise to never hold back and to allow our love to grow now and forever.

I have seen you at your best, but it has been at your worst when I have fallen deeply in love with you.
You are strong and persevere and for that I admire you and bless you.
I bless you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable and for allowing yourself to show me your inner beauty, your inner might.

I promise to let you be just as you are, to love you even when we don’t see eye to eye.
I promise to nurture your soul as well as your heart.
I promise to lovingly keep you in your toes and to always stand by your side.

Remember together we are at our strongest.
Let’s us follow our hearts
And let us always follow the will of the divine.

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