My growth and message by the Council of the Elohim

For those of you who wish to skip my story scroll down and you will find the message given to me by the Council of the Elohim.
My love always,


The pace of my life has sped up and at the same time it has come to a completely divine flow. So much has happened since last time I sat down to write and channel to share publicly. I have also done lots of inner child work and was able to make my inner child understand and realize that it is ok to grow up and to forgive and to just be the love it needed to receive to begin with.

On the third week of March I had an amazing breakthrough and many of my remaining walls keeping me from having the most amazing and liberating experience finally crumbled. I have felt in a state of love for some time now, but in all honesty I was not prepared for such an amazing activation. It was at that moment I decided I would marry my twin flame. As I made the choice I was immediately given the date of April 15, 2014. A week later I was told about the lunar eclipse and the full moon taking place on that day. I was even guided regarding whom to invite and so forth. Everybody who took part in such a beautiful love ceremony was just perfect. We had amazing hosts who went out of their way to accommodate us. Wonderful friends who helped in every way possible and an amazing angel who planned all details and decorations. Any how I’m going off topic and will soon write about our wonderful celebration of love.

On the last week of March leading into the first week of April, we went on a trip to Mount Shasta where we stayed for eight days. The day after our arrival we went into the pyramid that we usually go to and meditate for a couple of hours. As I went into a really deep meditation I was taken to Sirius to a pyramid made completely out of gold. It was much bigger than the pyramid of Giza. There was a shiny road that led into it, and I got near I could see carvings on the pyramid. Once inside i was taken into a chamber that had a golden throne and on it was seating none other than Zeus. He looked much younger than depicted, he had golden locks of hair and a short beard. Then Athena showed up to my right and they both started talking to me and performing initiations.

After some time I estimate approximately an hour Zeus gave me one of his thunder volts and offered me the sacred fire of Olympus. I was not told what this gifts meant but was only given images of how they can breakthrough illusion and activate the sacred fire of the soul. Then they proceeded to tell me how they were ready to be born into human form. I was then sent back and felt completely refreshed and felt as if a few minutes had gone by, realizing two hours had gone by, I got ready to exit the pyramid. I later remember about a year ago I was told through a vision I would meet the gods of Olympus.

Following day I started a four day intensive in learning how to heal with the Seraphim and was also connected to the Hathors and Horus. Also received twin flame activations and clearings that allowed my twin flame and I to align to a greater love. Every day of the class was a lesson in multi dimensionality and accepting our divine inheritance. One of my favorite techniques I learned is called samskara and has to do with removing trauma or impressions imbedded in the spine. I even felt the threefold flame rise through my spine when I received the healing.

The following day we went to meditate once again in the pyramid and this time it happened in the evening in complete darkness. Immediately I was approached by the sphinx and was given downloads to connect me deeper to my ancestry. As time progressed I was approached by a powerful imposing being who then said he was Shiva. He infused me with an energy that allows me to break through patterns in the body. I also asked to be given guidance on what was taking place or was about to take place. At that moment I was shown an image of what is a possible timeline regarding the area of Los Angeles. I was shown how the entire city was split apart by a huge earthquake. What that would accomplish was to bring the entire nation together and in fact even the world by the humanitarian and heartfelt compassion of people. I was also told that casualties would be kept to a minimum, hard to believe considering the images I saw. I was also given a time frame of April to May. Personally I keep getting the 14th of May. I believe sending love as a community and sending the conscious thought of healing by using the flower of life can have a huge impact.

The entire time while in Shasta was full of magic. We even were able to finalize a huge healing needed for my now wife. It was then many choices were made that brought us even closer. I also got to witness one of my friends beautiful light emerge and I saw her true beauty and she was simply amazing. Being by the flowing water at the McCloud falls was very clearing and brought purity of power into our hearts. Since then there has been a bond and flow between us that goes beyond any possible words to explain the extent of loving someone without limits. It was at that moment I saw my beautiful friend and my beautiful wife as one and their true beauty and I fell deeply in love once again.

After a magical stay full of lessons and understandings and realizations we started to head back home. On the way back we were explained the purpose of our time in Shasta and the many fold events that had taken place. Including the fact that our higher selves had been overshadowing us the entire stay. I was then shown that we were anchoring a new template of the Elohim into Mother Earth. I was surprised and in awe for such thing as it seemed unreal and beautiful at the same time. I was then given a formula for releasing people from the “Matrix” the term given was removing the crown of oppression and slavery. We proceeded to recite the formula out loud and invoking the beings allowing us to disconnect from the matrix and it was simply amazing. After that work finished I was then given a new formula to replace that program and received what is called the crown of liberation which allows the greater aspects of who we are be embodied.

Council of the Elohim speaks;

It is in the light of who we are and who you are our divine family that we come to you. This time in your evolutionary history it is the most auspicious and extremely crucial in your developmental evolution. There is so much light and DNA activations descending upon your planet and from within her as well. She loves you deeply and is constantly resonating the crystalline upgrade needed for humanity to make the necessary leap into the golden age. The golden age now here.

From the point of light from the very center of creation there is a resonance, a vibration a specific divine frequency that is upgrading the entire existence of life. It is a new light bringing you back to full remembrance. New light enters Earth every day and bathes you all in the quality needed for you all to awaken into the fifth dimension and for many of you into the sixth and seventh as well. The leaps and bounds being taken now are unlike any other since the moment of creation’s birth. It goes beyond the blood moon, the grand cardinal cross and the solar eclipse soon to happen. Although they are having their own influence in your growth and also stepping up the energy, it is so much more. All the Earthquakes happening now, all the weather phenomena, man made and natural are all part of the grand awakening soon to take place. The grand magical moment when you all claim your divinity.

The time to claim your divinity, to claim your liberation from the matrix and from the controllers is now here. Do you not see you are now just experiencing the grandest illusion and it is now your choice to change your perception into who you are. All the events happening now are not here or soon to be here to awaken you but more to help you realize you are NOW the most exciting amazing beings you have been wishing to be. It is as if you are in the most amazing river of light, a free flowing river that leads into the sea of existence and you are on it but floating through it in a vessel, when all that needs to be done is for you to jump into the water and immediately you will develop the qualities necessary to be one with the flow.

We are now fully present in your reality as creators and co creators. We are here thanks to the work of many of you who have accepted our call to anchor our template. Accept who you are, make the choice to release yourselves from your bondage, say no more to your oppressors allow them control over you no more. The golden age is here now, there is no need to keep on waiting for a savior, for ET’s to come rescue as you are them as much as they are you. You have already liberated yourselves. We repeat you need to empower yourselves and know God is within you now and always.

There have been many promises and empty promises made. Many of them have been said in order to mislead you and make you feel disappointment by the darkness who refuses to let go of control. At some level they do understand there is no choice than to always evolve and it is why they have taken such a role to be the instigators, to be the oppressors in order to allow you all to grow and to take your remembrance back as the gods that you are. We love them as much as we love you for they are one and the same when we all go back to our divine source.

We wish to emphasize you are your own saviors, you are the ET’s watching you and you will get a chance to experience first contact in a larger scale as true contact has already occurred. You are the oppressors and the controllers and you are now ready to free yourselves from the bond of enslavement. What all of you, each and everyone of you simply need to do is to take responsibility back, responsibility of your existence. Remember who you are and know the full power of ascension and beyond ascension is part of who you are. Yes it might seem ridiculous, or ironic and even silly to say such a thing but you all chose this experience and you have the ability to release the hold of such illusion. Perception, Perception, PERCEPTION!


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