Remembering how to love

It has been an incredible journey, and up to this point it keeps getting better and better. Last year was a powerful year, a year with many changes, transmutations and lessons learned and many more brought up to the light. My life was completely turned upside down and many patterns brought up to the surface.

I consciously and unconsciously worked through many of them. I healed my relationship to my mother. It all started in a session I had with a client and as Divine Mother entered the room her message for my client was to ” Heal your relationship with your mother if you want a change in your life.” As I integrated the message in the same breath I received the same guidance. Within two months I went to visit my family in Southern California. I had not seen any of them for over ten years.

I visited my sister and had no idea my mother was living with her. I took a deep breath and gave a hug to my mother and we talked a little here and there. The next day I left to visit a friend and days later received a called from one of my uncles who was getting married. Two months later I went to the wedding. I did some soul searching and mastered the love for myself. I for the first time since I was six years old was able to call her mom. 30 something years later I took a good look at the woman who brought me into this world and although she did not raise me at the most crucial times in my life, I was then finally able to hold her and tell her from the bottom of my heart ” Mom I love you” I said I forgive myself for holding on to anger and resentment for so long, god bless you for allowing me the lessons necessary for greater understanding of who I am. I am releasing all feelings of victimhood and I wish you the same and please bless my siblings and release them of their pain.

Now please understand at that point in my life I already loved myself deeply, and loved others with just as much passion, but healing the relationship with my mother allowed me to open to an entirely new world with greater dimensions of love.
I am finally able to understand the many aspects of love and how loving the one being who brought me to this world allowed me to love myself even more. I could not keep on lying to myself and be hypocritical about love if i could not fully and truly love her.

Learning to love yourself, learning to love your fellow beings, learning to love the divine creator, learning to love life fully is all a beautiful process, and a process that goes hand in hand with each and every spiritual step we take. Every aspect of love it all as humans boils down to how much can we love and embrace life and living and sharing that life with everyone and everything. The dimensions of love, the qualities of love are infinite and as humans we are slowly beginning to grasp how deep and far it goes and how close it is at the same time.

The most important aspect of love as humans is the love of who we are, the love of the self at every level. It is at that point when we can give the best of who we are. When we love ourselves to the fullest, we are love because we become love.
Recently I said to a teacher I was taking a class from ” I am totally in love with myself.” My ability to say so does not come from ego but from my ability to finally recognize the divine in me, in fact I am in love with the God I have discovered myself to be.

As I learned to love I remembered my origins, my source and in doing so I have learned to recognize everything and everyone as the living divine spark of the one Source. We are unity consciousness and we are individuals at the same time. Just as we are within love and love itself. I can honestly say from and through my divine knowing I love, by love and the love we all are, you all are.

In the end when we peel all the layers, the personalities, the perceived faults and all the illusions we are left naked and as love itself. Take away the God, the consciousness and there is only the perfection of love. The source and the beginning of everyone and everything ever created and everything that will ever be created, manifested and unmanifested.

Live – Love – Enjoy

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