As a teacher of healing I understand you can give someone the key, show them how to use it and even tell them where the door is, but in the end only they can choose to open the door and experience the greatest beauty on the other side.

I also understand they are both my students and my teachers. I always love them so much and many a time have felt and wished I could show how beautiful the other side of the door is. I also know beauty is present just as much on their side as the spark of love we all are. As the one unit in our connection.

Through my love I have learned to appreciate their level of remembrance. I also know discovering through personal experience brings the greatest joy.

Ascension and enlightenment are such a personal and intimate process and all in all the best thing to do is to support and love with the deep knowing we are all heading the same direction in our unique ways.

I lovingly take my role as a teacher, as a guide, as a bystander, as an observer and even as an instigator for growth. As a beacon of light, a Lighthouse, the waves that beat upon the shores, the wind that moves the water, the ground that holds the Lighthouse, the architect, the builder, I am all and so are each and everyone of the beautiful beings walking side by side in this gorgeous walk of life our walk of discovery and remembrance.

There is no duality only bearings for us to navigate and experience the greatest event of all. “God discovering himself/herself”

Magical in its unfold meant and so much beauty when we can look in the mirror, when we can look at our fellow experiencers and to have that knowing, ” I am God, you are God, we are God therefore I AM! “


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