Beautiful awakening, opening like a flower in love

It’s a beautiful life!
I have enjoyed the greatest lessons and the greatest blessings a man, a divine being could ever ask for.
I have lived my life with fear and now with tremendous passion
I have known shame, pain and desperation until I learned it was all much needed experience to awaken to the true reality, a reality where I can fulfill myself and find true love within me.
A reality in which understanding perception can lead to understanding the self and the power to manifest.

In my life feeling vulnerable was always a scary thing. Then I realized when I was experiencing my scariest vulnerabilities I was always at my most powerful.
In my relationships I experienced the greatest levels of un-mastery I could ever display. I was afraid to get hurt, afraid to allow love into my heart all because of my upbringing and the false beliefs developed as a child. My perception of life was warped.

The feeling an the experience of un-mastery must always come free of judgment and free of guilt and shame, and always with the understanding that even un-mastery is a stepping stone to true mastery of the self and reality.

In retrospect it was all training to fulfill the greatest role in my life as a true master who embraces his full humanity and all the beauty and imperfections of what it means to be human.
To wrap myself in full emotions and always be as a child when experiencing them with full innocence and without judgment but always with full discernment.
To be able to stand free and yet to always be compassionate to myself an others. We are all here in our own unique journey but as we cross paths we can lend a helping hand and love each and everyone with all the might of our true source.

I have finally learned and know what my life purpose is; to be totally a human in full acceptance of my power manifested here from the hidden heavens, and realms within and beyond what the soul can grasp.

I finally realized that it is ok and completely safe to love with absolute power and in the full knowing that there is never room for fear when loving and being in love. Experiencing a love so divine that breaks all barriers and prejudices towards myself and others.

I can officially say my inner child has finally decided to become a man. Complete in my innocence but always a child in my awe and wonderment of life and it’s many secrets.

My clear vision and my clear knowing comes from one of the greatest moments I have experienced with my true love. The most amazing woman who allowed me to be the greatest un-master I have ever been and who has loved me to the fullest even in such a moments.
As my heart grew and awakened to a level of being a level of love so immense it shattered my perception of reality and it took down decades of walls built around it.
As I trembled in awe,a fear so powerful and so strange made itself apparent and as I asked my beloved to nurture me and reassure me I was always loved, and with tears in my eyes as the fear moved through and out of me, I felt safe in the embrace of divinity as she looked into my eyes and made me feel what can only be described as divine love in the form of the most beautiful creation in the universe…. Yes a divine woman who wrapped her arms around me and who created a safe space for me to release the bursting fear that no longer belonged within me and leaving behind a feeling of pure bliss as I melted and merged into me into a man with the heart of innocence.

I finally understand the unconditional love of my woman a love bestowed by divine mother through your flow.
As a man and a divine masculine I can finally understand the power of divine feminine and I can only rejoice in such beauty and strive to be the best me I can possibly be.
I can rejoice in the perfection of who we are as complete beings who uphold each other to the greatest light and to the greatest love.
We are a field of pure unity!

Thank you Ootya, my divine beloved.
I love you with all my heart who can finally be it’s true self.

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