The Pitfalls of the new age misunderstandings about the ego

First off the ego is defined as : A person’s self-esteem and self importance.
Latin word for I or the self.
The main thing to always be aware of regarding ego, our sense of self is a neutral energy. It is neither dark nor light, therefore having an ego isn’t necessarily the problem. The ego develops according to what our perception of our surroundings is. In simple terms it can be expressed as the ego being the equivalent to the silver cord attaching our bodies to our soul. Ego is just a denser form of such a cord, which attaches us to our subconscious self or super ego, which in turn attaches us to our soul and all of our energy bodies. (Emotional, astral, mind and so on…)

This ego or sense of identity and individuality exists all throughout our multidimensional selves.
Only difference is the “silver cord” goes through less layers in connection to a Higher Source.
For example as I’m writing this I am exploring through the many layers and dimensions of who I am. I can use my angelic self as an example. It has a sense of identity, there is and “I” but since this sense of identity has less interference between it and the Source of all, it has a better connection to unity consciousness. Less interference means less of the feeling of being separate since at this level the “cord” is smoother.

(People need to learn to accept and enjoy the human experience, and stop wanting to get out of here. Ours is the greatest school and experience in all of Creation!)

I am not a psychologist but I have been a human with an ego for quite some time now. My early perception of life taught me that Earth’s was a hostile environment, therefore my ego developed as such. Not very trusting of people as much as I loved them, and always having the need to hide and go unnoticed in order to experience less hurts. Since my Awakening I have developed an extraordinary sense of self and it has nothing to do with feelings of grandiosity but more on the realization of how an amazing and intricate tool and creation the ego is.

It can be compared to the part of the computer that directs which program is used when running for instance a game or a file. It can also be likened to the computer used to access cyber space. Without a computer how else would a human access the internet? (Including all other devices with similar uses, smart phones and such.) Going into the details can be a tedious experience so I will simply leave at that for now. Anyhow, my point of such a comparison is that ego can be directed by intention in powerful ways. It becomes what you feed it. Feed it positive thoughts, or emotions and it will yield a great manifestation of itself as a human, as you.

“As above so below” The higher aspects of the self can direct the ego as well if and only if we are willing to surrender our lower self. It is then we can be as divine beings having a human experience. Ours is the greatest gift. We as ascended masters, beings of light had to descend in order to experience the sweet lesson learnt through the veil of ignorance. Our ego is our paddle, use it well and it moves you forward. Use improperly and it can lead you astray or make you go in circles. Now is that bad? No it simply is a misuse of intention.

My dear family what I am saying here is please overcome the dogma created by New Age belief that we are all as one if we rid ourselves of the ego. Yes we are one with the All and in actuality never separate from it. The belief that we need to destroy the ego to experience the All is the misconception. The ego is in fact our way to bask in our ignorance as well as in our awakening. The sense of wonder, of discovery and experience. Our way as humans to experience the cosmic orgasm not as a divine beings but as a human. Without it, we are Source, and Source created ego to learn and to experience itself in many different ways. We are the experiencers, enjoy your self and your journey. Enjoy your humanness.

The aspect of the self is only that an aspect of the whole, and if you deny one you deny the all of who you are. Instead reach out your hands and embrace yourself, and use this powerful neutral self making it your greatest tool in self enlightenment. The ego can be trained through meditation, introspection and constant vigilance not out of fear but out of a need to accept our power and our responsibilities.

I recently wrote this quote;
” Sacred ignorance blissful is your veil.
Sweet is the nectar of Divine Knowing as the veil lifts away.
Coming to the realization, the more I know the less I am, and
the more I become.
I get to know pure Nothingness.”

I actually wrote it when I was in a deep state of bliss, a moving active bliss. One in which my entire self was aware and through that awareness I embraced my lower self, my ego because I understood if I deny or abhor my ego I am not accepting myself to its entirety.
Our greatest victory lies within the understanding and realization through our lower self the pure magic existing in our lower realms but above all accepting and understanding our divinity from there to here and from here to there.

Is you ego mind based or heart based, perhaps both?
I have fully and humbly accepted every level of who I am and I live as much as possible in a heart based realization. Allow the heart and the connection with Divine Knowing be your guiding force, your beacon of light. Always remember the mind can be fooled through visions and senses, but the love in the heart can never be fooled, you can’t fake true love.

Be Free, Be Love and learn to love thy self.
I am, Human I am
Divinity I am.

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