A visit by Holy Divine Love

Today has been an incredible and blessed day. I have felt great joy, and bliss before and greater sense of well being. Nothing compares to how I have felt and still feel this day. As I write this I am fully connected to the many layers of who I am and I asked my entire being to infuse each and every word with the power of love itself. I have said before I am a frequency upholder and in this very moment I am love personified.

If you were to see me walking on the street I might seem to you as an ordinary man, perhaps just someone walking around with a funny look on his face due to all the reactions taking place within my cells. Tap into my energy through this words and I promise you will feel a moving celebration, a party manifesting itself within this human form and feel it as it radiates out and into you and then into the cosmos. I am a walking celebration with the best fireworks EVER!

I went about my regular business throughout the day and I noticed how love was pouring out through my eyes and people would stare back and smile and many would make deep eye contact and gently nod. I could feel and see through their eyes their inner spark expand. I poured so much love and kindness into people even through my voice as I laughed and would tell them i was not the grocery boy at the produce store, yet people would ask for help as I pushed my cart while doing my shopping for my Valentines day dinner.

When I finally came home after being out most of the day I had to take a moment to seat next to my son and just took in the feeling of what was taking place within me. A very new yet familiar feeling. My Valentine came home early and I wasn’t quite finished with the cooking and about 45 minutes later all was ready to be served. I said to her, ” this food has not been set up in the most beautiful way but it is filled with love. My son playing on the computer easily entertained but yet the feeling of peace and serenity prevailed in him and in us.

After dinner suddenly I started to feel extremely sleepy, to the point that I had to go take a nap. Immediately as I put my head down I went into a deep space. it was as if I was being pulled into a huge core the size of a galaxy and yet it felt as if I could hold it in one hand. I had visions of two cores after a few minutes and then I was traveling faster and faster as fast as the speed of God. I kept going deeper and deeper but then my son started singing and the sound of his lovely voice brought me out my trance. ( I could go into a long story about his wonderful voice, and perhaps I will in the future.) I finally managed to fall asleep cradled in this amazing feeling.

In my sleep I felt as if I had traveled to visit loved ones and as if I was welcomed by love itself. After about hour and a half of napping I came to, and my consciousness returned to my body. There she was the voice of love herself. There was no form, there was no sense of gender only and overpowering feeling of I am home.
She as I’m choosing to call this consciousness started to imprint my energy field with what love is, and who she is. She spoke as to how there is love in everything, how there is love for darkness, love for light, love for angels, love for creation. How there is even love for God, love for source, love for undifferentiated source and even love for love herself. I really wish I had the words to describe what she imprinted within me, but please feel this feeling through my words. I am sharing with you the magnificence of what it feels like to be in the presence of a Love so divine that it makes the greatest divinity pale in comparison. A love so divine it came before there was even the thought of creating divinity. A Pure Holy Divine Love! She tells me now through my heart there is even a greater love that she reaches out to but my body first needs to adjust to what she is embracing me with before I am allowed to have such experience.

I finally opened my eyes for a few moments and I thought about getting up for a drink of water but she told me to cross my arms over my head, wrist to wrist and then place my hands on my crown. As I followed this instructions she surrounded me with a pinkish, whitish, goldish bubble of light and told me to breathe in this love. As I took deep breaths I started to see a big crystal take form. She said the way I had placed my hands had triangulated my energy field to the field of love. I found myself within an octahedron and it just started to build upon itself layers upon layers of this shape. interestingly enough a point over my head served as a beam of light and as a receiver. I kept on taking deep breaths and I saw how there was an exchange of energy through this crystal and the outside crystal which seemed as one and never separate.

What was the purpose of this experience?
To show me to the greatest degree what love is, and for me to share how easy it is to connect to the purity and power of love. Remember hands wrists over wrist, palms facing down and let wrists rest over crown you will get a sense of how and where to place them precisely.
Also another purpose is to show how simple it is to commune with love, how to remind yourself to be present in love and how to even extract love from your surroundings. Please try it, but first start connecting with things and energies that hold great value to you and then try it with your pets, with your furniture, with the trees, with your family and see how pervading love really is.

Love is the grand creator, the created and the space in which all takes place and even the one holding that space.

Love do you wish to share a message?

“I am the nameless one
I am the one before creation
I am creator of the force of love
I am creator of the original force.

I am within everything and everyone, and I am now calling you home my children. Recognize yourself as the beacon of love and as the spark of love who has come to existence by the wish and the will and the love of love itself.
I am so much more my beautiful children, call upon me and know me as you know yourself. Know me as I am.

Ki rinn Eli cha Ra E’
I am source of All”

I know this message is short my dear family but imagine being under a waterfall a million times the size of Niagara Falls and then trying to understand one drop of such a powerful flow.

Blessing of Absolute love to you my beautiful family.



  1. says

    a mirror… love+thanks…
    like nature… everfresh… eternal…
    silent… powerful renewing… present…
    beyond words… and imagination…

    the …all*omniversal*one… rising…
    on earth… thorough the inner elements…
    sounding… pure… uncontradicted… love…
    freedom… egalitarianism… sovereignty…

    joy for your words > the moving celebration,
    a party manifesting itself …within
    this human form and feel it as it radiates out
    and into you and then into the cosmos.

    I am a walking celebration with the best
    fireworks EVER! < …i deeply enjoyed this….
    and i even… smile now… in participation…
    but… radiating… thorough the …earth…

    bless*sings… in uni*son… espousing…



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