A Gift of Love

Entering into the most ancient chambers of the self. In to the place where love dwells, the gateway into the eternal soul. Taking hold of this vehicle of pure love as I travel into what may only be called the original spark of love. As I merge with the original spark of love I see and come into an understanding of what love is and how love is.

My dear family, my beloved Hu-man family. Let me share with you the most powerful key for growth and for liberation. The simplest way to detach from the grid of control and the holographic reality we are incased in. This key is called LOVE.

Through this key we are capable now of declaring our divine independence, of accepting and saying yes to our divinity and claiming our birthright of divine sovereignty.
It is through the simple fact of Absolute Love we can now liberate ourselves from the oppression of a reality that is no longer real! We are beings of light in our essence and the essence of such light is love. There is no need for extensive complicated process and practices to realize this fact.

Love is the most real reality you can and will ever encounter. Through love there is no separation and there is no difference, therefore in this reality of love hierarchies end, because we are all equal, one and the same through our essence. All divine beings, all beings of light, all beings of love know this truth. Join them in their freedom, and detach from the grid of mind control put into place but those misguided by their need for power and separation. Feed them no more.
Instead start nourishing yourselves with the most bountiful and the one existing source of all …Love. When you nourish and embrace yourselves with true love the spirit arises from its slumber between time and space and it starts to fully reside in your physical form, thus manifesting itself according to the true intended plan. Divinity experiencing physicality as a Hu-man.
Time to empower ourselves;

I now declare myself free.
I now declare my sovereignty
I now declare myself as a manifestation of love.

I am love and the purity of love.
By the power of Absolute Love I declare my full independence as light by the light.
Through Absolute Love I declare my freedom as Divinity as a Hu-man.

Innocence, compassion, all within love I shine forth my true light
Kindness, acceptance, integrity and as the true self I am living a free life.
Through my awareness I shall shine with all the qualities of Love
By this I shall cherish myself, my planet and humanity, my family my existence.

I now detach fully from the illusion of life
I now accept the reality in true existence as Love itself
I am now declaring myself as a Sun of Absolute Love
By the power of the Divine Source of Love this is now ordained!

Jose Sanchez

White Tara

Greetings my beloved companion in the light. I come to you once again to share love and understanding of what has taken place and is now taking place. This full moon comes with a gateway of liberation for those willing to free themselves from the yokes of oppression.
Let me thank you and congratulate you for connecting to such a beautiful source of love. Divinity recognizing itself and thats what you just did. beautiful prayer and affirmation and declaration through the power of Absolute Love.

Finally many channels and different people have accepted the truth of ISON being a ship. Intergalactic, inter-dimensional ship capable of awakening the codes of light within and without the many layers of existence in our near reality.
There is so much going on and much of it unfortunately not allowed to be shared just just. The simple fact is we would all love to give you the full disclosure necessary to bring you to your light.
As much as we love you we can not ride the bicycle for you but it is now your turn to grab control of the handles as you pedal in this new path call life as a creator being.

You are all now capable of declaring yourselves free. I shall now infuse Jose’s prayer/affirmation with a gift of light and as you read it over and over an awakening to a higher frequency of yourself shall take place. Do not wait any longer for anyone or anything to come down and rescue you as it is in your full power to declare your divine right of happiness and freedom to be love and one with Absolute Love. In the past I have spoken of humans becoming portals of love, then I mentioned how humanity needed to become suns of love. Because now your deepest spark, the spark within spirit is awakening you are now capable of becoming Love itself. Simple, “think love, know love, feel love, BE Love!”

This higher spark awakening within you is to spirit what spirit is to the soul. You are coming closer to awakening the many layers within the make up of human bodies capable to vibrate at the frequency of love. Reach out with this new frequency and vibrate greetings to every being of light, of love in your planet. Give a loving hug to your Mother Earth and be thankful for her great service in sustaining you and for delaying her own ascension in order to give you all a chance to grow more than was ever planned or thought capable of. Humanity surely is a miraculous surprise.
Reach out with the frequency of love and greet those observing you and invite them to be more proactive in your reality if you wish to do so. Scan the solar system, scan the universe and feel all the changes taking place and also those that have now taken effect. Feel how your reality has changed and allow yourselves to move past the holographic reality you are wrapped in.
Remember the term “Think outside the box” my dear family this is your time to release the box, to leave the box so far behind it won’t even seem like a dream any more.

ISON encoded your sun, awakened its dormant layers and now ISON is beaming nonstop new codes of awakening directly into your planet. It is for this very reason those opposing your liberation are working arduously to create havoc. They have worked tirelessly to change your weather patterns, they bombard you constantly with mind control and attack your emotions to keep you in fear. Fear not as their ignorance will be their greatest service to you all. Their ignorance of how beautiful and exalting this new light is will bring you all closer to your own light.

Many truths can be hidden for spans of time but now the Absolute Truth is approaching and merging with your reality and all that is for your highest best will and shall be revealed. Remember above all the one truth, you are all Created by Love therefore love is what you are.

My family,
Be portals of love
Be Suns of love
Create with love
Exist as Love
Live as love
Love as love
Blessed are you by the love among love, the Absolute self of undifferentiated Source

I bid you farewell until next time we merge as one.

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