Poetry, Prayers, Quotes and feelings of absolute Love

I will start by sharing and invocation/ prayer for forgiveness and understanding.
Enjoy all the messages brought forth through inspiration, guidance from my I am Presence and the many beings available to help us and always ready to love us.

I am invoking the angel of grace that we may be able to be grateful for the blessing of our meeting in this lifetime.
I am invoking the angels of love and compassion that we may be able to fully remember the reason why we came together in this lifetime and may we be worthy of such.
I am invoking the angel of forgiveness that our hearts may be clear and pure so that we both understand the hurtful words were only said out of fear.
May our hearts be once again filled with wisdom, love and compassion and may we become wells of forgiveness.
I ask father/mother to bless this stepping stone and to bring us closer in our mastery.

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