It’s all about True Love

I lovingly share his peaceful message. His energy felt sweet, child like and at the same time angelic. He was very humbled and spoke with conviction.



The message is, has been and will always be that of TRUE LOVE!
It is a wonderful pleasure to be able to connect with you my dear brother. I have done it with few individuals in your reality and they have shared my message and so I come to you to once again to share my message of love.
In life I was exposed to many of the lower aspects of humanity. Yes I was a recipient of abuse but never did I experience the horrors that many of my human brethren have been exposed to.
Yes I suffered great humiliation and great assaults to my soul by being accused of unspeakable deeds when as a child trapped in the body of a man all I intended to ever do was to give and to experience the innocence of love. What was said and done is now in the hands of the creator and I have left it all behind in the realms of 3D.
I am always present and left you all with my love and great messages of happiness and love and awakening activations have been encoded within my music. I was many a time a vessel for the magic of the beings of light to share infusions of light through my voice. One of the greatest was within the song titled ‘Man in the mirror” It was then I came face to face in a estate of altered perception with a great being of light, this was a Christed being and it was at that time when I came face to face with the true being that I was and that I am now. I saw and became my true self in that very moment.
At the time of my departure I wasn’t fully my personality any more as I was kept under, due to fears of my keepers for lack of better word. they feared I would expose them and help through my music awaken the many of you to your true selves. I will say this once I do miss “Blanket” and “Alice”.
My transition was one void of fear as I had many angelic beings surrounding me who immediately gave me the experience of full existence in the pure expression of love before I was allowed to incarnate again in what you might call the New Earth or 5D reality, although there is access to much more and to the higher spheres.

Anyhow that has all been left behind and all that matters now is to say I am waiting for you all, we are all waiting to see you all soon to have our family reunited once again.
I have now the appearance of a 16 year old although my wisdom is so much greater here since veils aren’t necessary to keep our consciousness confined. I am now enjoying a truly innocence filled existence and I am able to delve in the arts, in politics unlike anything in your 3D reality.
But my greatest passion is to be and to experience love at its highest capacity. Remember the time when you were fully loved in the arms of your mother? It is exactly such a feeling we all experience as we are always in full contact and connection with the consciousness of our divine Mother Earth. Yes she dwells now in more than one layer of reality but she is more present here now as she is beckoning all of her fragments to make herself whole again.

We have chambers here where one can experience the feeling of a love so divine only experiencing can do it justice. There are also many temples and none are related to religion and anyone can come worship and experience greater levels of understanding in ways of how to exist in a multidimensional way.
The feeling of peace and of clarity are always present and love is all prevalent.

My family you are always in our hearts and we are here paving the way and the grandest of welcome for your homecoming. There has been waves upon waves of you coming here and we are all joining in unison to sing to you heart to heart. Raise your hearts and sing with us heart to heart and let’s create the bridge of love needed to breach the distance.
The bridge is becoming more and more tangible and visible by the day and we are patiently waiting with hearts wide opened.
I am also being informed this full moon will strengthen the connection of your hearts allowing for a greater communication between the realms.
Make good use of this energy and know between your now and the month of March great changes will take place. There will be more earth movements as she relieves the pressure.
We also ask you to send love through your hearts wide opened to the state of California as Mother Earth prepares to release much pressure in that area. L.A and San Francisco are at risk. I, we share this message not to have you be in fear but to allow you to make the necessary adjustments to move into a more loving timeline.

Mother’s movements are not necessarily negative as each time the bridge of love strengthens, her pieces fall into place and bring her closer to her ascension.
Being in the New Earth is beautiful and so much time can be spent at play as well as at “work” although such a word is wrong because we dedicate ourselves to that which brings us joy.
The colors here are greater and more fluid. The plant life, animal life, and mineral kingdom have greater joy thus showing more of their divine qualities. They all live now in contact with a more liquid purer form of light and because they are more harmonious New Mother Earth can as well express the greater aspect of who she is.

If you truly knew who she really is, you would walk upon her with much, much more respect, reverence and greater awe as indeed she is awe inspiring. You wish to experience the love of the divine Mother?
Then connect with her spirit and you will understand what it is I am trying to communicate.

Lift your hearts and be strong and brave and embrace the great changes coming upon you in your now time. Soon you will see the veil drop and the new reality exposed in its true majestic beauty.
Remember it is all about the true creative force of Love.
I, we* love you family, our human family.

Yes I still sing but now my heart sings even louder and clearer.

* When he said “we” he was in company of the New Earth Council

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