White Tara, ISON and it’s role on ascension

My beloved White Tara once again blesses me with her presence and message of love.
Blessings my family of light.



It is with such tremendous love and joy that I approach you in this NOW my deeply loved child.
Some time has now passed since you last wrote my words or even sensed my presence. There were few reasons why you were not allowed to connect with me. Although I was never really gone from your side but a small veil needed to be placed in order to see how you could grow without my presence or the presence of most of your teachers and guides. Know that some channels were left clear and opened in order for you to receive communications when needed. Specially the unbroken bond you posses with the divine feminine that no veil can ever stop your heart from feeling and sharing the love with the Mother of Mothers.

1) Your energy needed to be cleared and fine tuned in order for you and I to have a greater connection within this new energies which are fully activating your higher consciousness.
2) A separation needed to be present for you to receive completely as a human the initiations and activations you have received in the past couple of months but specially during the month of December. I was always present within your blessings of Grace.
3) Meetings were being held that you as a human needed to be unaware of in order for you to receive the proper training. Based on your ability to connect with me you needed to be kept in the dark so to speak regarding the true reason for the meetings in which your higher self was part of, in conjunction with many beings of light.

Your true mission is now being revealed to you and so is your true power. You need not be afraid to be placed in the spot light and in fact it is a must for you now in order to fulfill parts of your contract.
You were capable of becoming the portal of love you chose to be and now you are becoming the love sun which is the next step in your and humanity’s spiritual evolution.

Let me convey our greatest love, joy and feelings of pride we are feeling for you our beloved family. I say we as I am now in the company of Ashtar, Yeshua and the Mahatma. The Mahatma and I are representatives of the divine feminine aspect and Ashtar and Yeshua are great representatives of fully balanced beings who at the same time operate solely from the divine feminine. There is indeed no separation as the divine masculine’s will is always present.

We bring you tidings of great value to your growth. Many of you are becoming aware of what we are about to share. At 2.32pm on the 24th of December of 2013 there was a great wave of ascension in which Jose was a witness to and a great assistant in helping raise them to higher levels but also in helping anchor the portals of ascension left as those wonderful souls ascended with their physical bodies.
Many might wonder why was Jose a witness and how was he able to help? He is a being capable of functioning at multidimensional levels without needing to seat to meditate and yet he is able to go into trance like state and still hold a normal conversation.

Back to our tidings… Due to the new codes of awakening and of new light activated in your precious Sun through the activations and beams of multidimensional DNA like energy sent into the core of your Sun by ISON and the beings within an acceleration took place by which many souls waiting for the right “puzzle” piece could then take their next level.
You are now passing through the eye of the needle in this process in which you are all a part of and what is now needed the most is innocence, joy and awe of life and above all the ability to connect and function at levels of love. Even if it is only for a few minutes or an hour or days at a time but make sure you spread that love to everyone you come across and also remember for each one of you in the vibration of love and who are Suns of love thousands of your fellow humans will be brought up to speed by your resonance.

There need not be any mysteries regarding this event as it has been dubbed by some. Although saying this is an event is underestimating this beyond measure -step up in your awareness and in the growth of creation itself. It is no longer bound to only your planet or your solar system but all of creation is now fully involved in moving up to the next step in the ladder of spiritual recognition. We can call it evolution but in fact all it is, is recognition of how divinely created we all are. Specially you my beloved Hu-mans, my Gods in training.

You are now recognizing how deeply submerged you are now in the New Earth energies and are fully residing within the new time and the new self. Worry not about those humans who seem to be unaware or who seem to be of the dark for all it takes is a split second for them to open their eyes to see and their hearts to love.
All carry the divine spark even the cloned humans will partake in this swift change because they will be granted souls with the spark of the divine. No one will be left behind this time, and I mean no one!

Everything and everyone is of equal value, like I mentioned even clones, regardless of who created them they are all part of life and part of your creational powers and we do not judge as even a small particle or a grain of sand has consciousness and every thing and everyone deserves to experience this beautiful transformation.

Every single message now being received all boils down to the same thing and it is said over and over as we know for humans it takes repetition in order to understand. It is all about experiencing and being one with Love.

Beloved family realize how blessed you are. The entire creation is conspiring to help you realize and recognize who you are and what you are.
If you take but a moment to feel love an entire new universe will open right before your eyes. You will be able to see or feel the presence of ISON which is very close now in proximity to your planet. Notice the difference in your starry nights as many seemed to have moved closer together.
ISON is cloaked to the human eye and only an open and sincere genuine heart can see it or feel it. It is so close and it is amplifying the new light coming in from the sun and is also radiating upon your planet tremendous amounts of decoders, and nano particles with the ability to raise quantum fields to levels necessary to activate your light bodies in order to match the new frequencies and to physically receive the New Earth encodements.

Fear not the outward changes occurring now and all the geomagnetic activity taking place. Fear not and dwell only in feelings of love. Great changes are taking place and even greater movement is approaching but know you are all safe and well protected. You are the spark of Creator and you are immortal. In order for the new to manifest the old needs to be torn down. This old reality has been engrained deeply in your DNA but know it is now being released and purified as the old is now becoming the NEW!

Many are being witnesses to the many fireballs all over your planet. They are purifiers and carriers in physical form of the nano particles for lack of better word to help raise the vibration of your physical bodies. Can you not feel how quickly you are all changing and although there are some minor growing pains it is all for your greater good.
When there is discomfort call on your Mother Earth to ground and accept and transmute such discomfort. Call upon your personal medical teams. There are many beings readily available to help you transmute and bring you closer to your destination of love. Call upon Arcturians, the Angels of the Healing Ray,call on the violet flame to transmute you, call on Creator him/herself. Everything and all is at your disposal in this NOW.

The time is now to recognize who you are and where you are. In the blink of an eye and you are there. Time and eternity are forces of recognition and lo it is at your disposal. It can take you one day it can take you a year but why not make it an instant and puff you are there. Pull the curtains and see what’s on the other side. It is you my beloved family in your full glory. Behold and Rejoice!

Infinite Gratitude and blessings of love I bestow upon you.
Rinn ni Elohim E’ ki cha it tas na ( Wells of radiance as Gods through time and no time awaken)
White Tara

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