Love and the flower of life by the Mother of Mothers


Basking in the light and the warmth of my soul I humbly and lovingly wish you all a Happy New Life!
New energies, New self, New reality.
Blessings be unto all my beautiful family. Thank you for the blessings brought upon us all by the existence of each and everyone of you.

As my heart started to feel and experience the gratitude felt by every fiber of my being I realized that 2013 the year of transition and transformation was tough at times, challenging at others and even more so divinely inspirational as We as humans have awakened to the new reality of who we are and to the new time and we are now manifesting the new self.
inspiration runs through my veins as I connect to my planetary family and to my galactic and cosmic family.
All in unison have made great strides in the new game presented upon us and as we begin to accept our creational powers the new existence reveals itself through the deeds of each and every soul in this game.
I feel humbled by the great task given to us and the knowing that we are the ones to fulfill such a task over powers my heart with love.
As I experience love and humility simultaneously I’m understanding two things.
1) Being humble does not mean to be weak and to allow for humiliation, being humble means to know compassion in the face humiliation as well as in the face of struggle. knowing compassion opens the door to innocence as the knowing that all we have experienced and will ever experience is only part of a greater game and that we have the power to rise above any and all strife. Being humble is having the power to persevere.
2) To be love, to experience love and to know love beyond the human understanding of just falling in love or the love one feels for family and for one another is only a microscopic experience of what true love is.
Love is a powerful creational force, as well as a nurturing provider. When we are love, when we know love we are as one with the original force of creation, it is then we move past beyond the need to define a god or a goddess for at that moment we are everything and nothing. The beginning, the before and the forever after combined as on, manifesting no time and going beyond the need to exist.

We are now facing a new reality, a new time and a new self… how do we exist from this moment on?
As I open the wings of my heart and through all the love I can muster I humbly send waves of innocence and through grace I pray for the White Tara, for the queen of creation and for the Mother of Mothers to bless my heart and to bless my words as I type this words of deep knowing.
in this moment of bliss I Jose say to you all ” Bless you my family of light, may abundance of love and humility be brought forth as you all go and play a wonderful role in this grand new game we are now starting to play in the new energies of the New Earth.
Be brave, be strong and persevere as the clean up begins and the time to play as children and as creators rests upon our souls. ”

My heart now rejoices as the Mother of Mothers pours blessings of abundance and success in the path before all of us.

Mother of Mothers

Children of the New Earth blessed are you as you take flight not as children but as true masters willing and able to play and manifest a wondrous new existence. You as one with all the beings partaking in this creational game have now graduated to the next level in the ascension ladder. You are given honors my beautiful Hu-mans for you have taken the greatest strides amidst uncertainty and amidst the gargantuan transformation taking place.

Life is simple live it with love and humility and wonder. Discover the beauty of living a virtuous life amongst the family of light.
A present upon you my beloved Hu-mans a simple gift of healing for those of you wishing to help the clean up of Mother Earth.
Rather than feeling that more needs to be done or that healing needs to be sent simply tap into the greatest forces of all LOVE and by tapping into this love through your heart and higher heart and through the will of the father by using your minds and your intention send love and the flower of life to any area that needs healing or to be cleaned. The flower of life combined with love are the same as using the Word to manifest and unmanifest without the possibility of your intention being misdirected by those unawakened.
When you combined them it creates a pure force that can only be used for the greater good and a process of no time and Zero time proceeds to move within the land, plants, minerals, everything present at the place where this force is directed. The hearts of humans slowly begins to align to the greater love and then humans can become Hu-mans the creator beings you have been training to be.

With grace of the Father/ Mother and undifferentiated source I now bless you my beloved family, my children, my all.

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