A message by Shekina


I will now share with you the feelings of love and the words shared to me by Mother of Mothers.

Open your hearts and your minds my beloved children, my family of light. I am now here to share words of wisdom in hope that such words will accelerate your growth in your path to enlightenment.
Many of my beloved children have missed the message given my many of your ascended master and by me. You seem to be willing to give your power away at the drop of a hat and focus much more on meager words by the few misguided souls wishing to keep you trapped in this lower densities. My children you are never alone and you are never far from me. I am always within you, nurturing your soul and your hearts.
There is talk of portal activations and many of you with the best of intentions try to gather to help in the ascension of your Mother Earth. Worry not about sending healing to her or to even help in trying to open portals by holding space as she has all the help necessary for her own ascension which has already taken place and now my dear children you only need open your inner vision to this great new reality you are a part of.

My children I will say remember to open the one portal you are responsible to open, each and every one of you. This portal is the greatest portal in service to your ascension and the one readily ignored by most. This portal I speak of is the portal of love held within each and everyone of you within your hearts and your higher hearts, once this is opened it leads to a connection with the mind and the higher mind allowing for the most beautiful awakening of your true selves. it is then that you can have direct communion with all the love of creation, all the love that we are, that you are. I will not go into complicated ways of accomplishing such a feat as this channel has already been given such loving guidance in his article Bridging the higher heart and mind.

Start by simply enjoying a moment of peace and hold your attention on your breath free of thoughts, free of emotions. Make this an every day practice to remind you to always be in the eternal now. This practice will lead to moments of joy and bliss and it will be through such feelings that you will be able to open the greatest portal of all in service to each and everyone of your brethren. Focus not on outside portals and activations but concentrate on your greatest power and responsibility as individuals tasked to lift your hearts in unison with the All.
Oneness, unity is your true nature and you have the responsibility and the privilege to hold such a portal and to bring forth its many blessings that will reach through time and space.

You are love, you are always loved. Remember who you are and who we are as one my children.

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