My Heart my soul and all there is connected as one.

I am lovingly sharing this purely divine moment of inspiration. A moment of communion between my soul, my heart and all there is. In this times of great change and shift our emotions tend to be tested and it is always such a beautiful blessing when we can know why we feel how we feel and even during those times ,when we don’t and we have no idea what’s up or down it is always best to take a moment to self and to be still.

November 20, 2013

Mirror Child, Mirror child look through the looking glass there you will see a pure reflection of who you are and of who I am.
Ripples across time and space, a vision so clear – so pure.

I am but a mirror for your eyes and your heart to see.
You see me as who you are, the clearer and purer your heart is the purer and clearer I will shine forth back to you your very own reflection.
Do you judge the mirror or do you judge the reflection?
Do you love the mirror or do you love the reflection?

Close your eyes take a moment and pause and allow your pure divine guidance to take over and allow yourself to be the pure guidance you were created to be..
Breathe in deep and slowly let your mind go.
Do not let your thoughts be like the breath over the mirror and fog your reflection.
Instead let the pure reflection of your light held within your breath be the guiding force and allow our dance to be a dance of love.

You and I as you stare deep into your eyes we are as one and as you see the beauty in your eyes you are also seeing the beauty in my eyes. Your eyes are my own and my radiance is your own.
Can’t you see how intricately connected we are?

Dance of love between reflector and reflected, between viewer and the experiencer.
Dance of love between the beholder and the beheld.
Now as you rhythmically move before me and dance in the joyous movement of peacefulness and as you center yourself in the cosmic flow of your universal presence do you see how intricately connected we are the moment your presence beckoned and stood before me?

Can you see the light and the radiance in me, the universe itself dancing and flowing through me?
You are now seeing your own beautiful reflection as one in the blissful dance of unity, you are seeing creation unfold before you and you my beloved are such creation in which the entire existence of the one love is manifested.
Now be still and cherish your existence as a creator playing the role of a wonderful human. Shine light of creation through your loving heart and always remember who you are as a human and as a light you are one and the same.

Be at peace divine child of Creation.

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