A conversation with God and White Tara

After about a month of traveling and taking time to assimilate the energies and my growth I am once again humbly sharing my love with you all.


Jose Sanchez


An incredible BLESSING!
Thats the best and most appropriate way to describe my life now that I have finally accepted my life as a human. Having had the feeling my entire life of not belonging to my family or not belonging to this planet and not to mention a difficult upbringing made my early stay on this planet quite difficult and for most of my life I carried the sadness of being here and not being understood at all.

I have memories of being very aware as a very small child and yet I was treated as if I knew nothing because I was only a child. I remember “hearing” conversations that I could not understand because they thought I was too young.
Wrong I carried their pain and their burden and my own and my desperation to be heard and understood and yet I was too small and too “ignorant” and so they played their game and meanwhile I felt helpless.
I carried a knowing that only I understood because I was not allowed to speak up, I was not allowed to be myself because I was stuck in the body of a small child. I wanted to break free, I wanted to be seen and acknowledged. It was an innate feeling and as I felt beyond my years the size of my body and the early years of my life did not allow for an easy expression, and so I went within and started to dwell in my world of energy. Breathing, expanding and ever flowing energy. A simple game of breathing and expanding myself.

I developed a deep connection with nature and specially trees as I was cradled in their branches, they became my sanctuary, my witnesses and my quiet confidants. As I placed myself within their energy field I never felt so much love and never felt so free and alive.
Many years went by before I realized I was the only one and everyone around me was different, they did not feel the energy, they did not love nature and trees as much as I did. They did not love water or played with the trees by becoming one with them like I did.
I was raised in a religion that did not understand God, a religion that did not know God and instead they preached of a vengeful God who would punish me for my sins. Dear Priest what are those sins you speak of? I am not a sinner and I dwell in the love of God, He loves me so why do I need to confess, why do I need to make up stories in order to seem like I have sinned when my heart is purer than pure?

Many thoughts and questions raced through my mind and they went unanswered and instead my faith in God was polluted with lies and so at age 15 I turned my back on my religion, and the religion of my parents and their parents.
Dear God, I need to walk away form the lies told in your name and above all I wish to once again to know you the way I did as a small child. I love you and I know you love me just as much whether I have sinned or whether I have remained pure because deep in who I am I am but a reflection of your love and of your light. Deep in my essence I am you and you are me. We are one and never separate.

Yet, dear God, I still have a void deep in my heart, a sadness so strong that it confuses my mind. Why do I feel like crying, why am I feeling homesick when I am home?
Dear God who are you, who created you, do you have parents, are you the loving God that I know deep in my heart you are or are you the vengeful God my religion taught me to believe?

My dear child, tap into the infinite space of your heart, there you have the answers, because it is there I abide, it is there you and I are as one. It is in the unity of our existence where you have all the answers. I am that I am, I am, I am the holy presence, I am the mighty I am and I am the alpha and the omega and I am also the void that holds it all. My child, I am love and the force of love, and I am one with the higher-self of love and I am connected to the infinite creator of existence beyond my existence. Yes, I have also been created by a higher force than myself.

Empty your heart of sadness, forget feeling homesick. You are the love that I am and I am the home you miss. Being a star seed and bringing memory of a greater place was meant to empower you and not to make you feel lost. Take now the power back of who you are, because in this now you are so much more than just a star seed, more than just an archangel, but remember, in this very moment you are my child, my creation, my love and as such you are infinite in your essence. The religion you grew up in was meant to remind you of who you are through the knowing of who I am, but not because they told you who I am or who I am not, but because they allowed you to hold strong on to your belief and your divine knowing deep in your heart of who I really am. Many times they managed to subdue your emotions and your thoughts but never your essence, and there you held on to me with the purity of a child and the strength of a being of light and deep in your essence We were always strong as one.

Do you remember when you felt rebellious and blamed me for your life lessons, but my dear child, it was then when you made me the most proud because even in your rebelliousness, in your anger because of all the unanswered questions, it was then you loved me the most and surrendered to my love. Never did you let me go and you were always cradled in my love. Your knowing always told you, you were loved even at your loneliest then you held on to me and then we communed and it was then I showed you my loved the most and you never let me go.

I am forever proud of you and all my children, you are all part of me helping to experience my creation and the game of life. I have always told you, do not take life so seriously and do not take this game too seriously as it is only a small game within the greater game within the All. I, your Father, your Creator, I am also a player in a greater game, and I as you strive for the same, expansion and more learning and more knowing. We have the same driving force, a curiosity so great there is nothing like it and it is the force of curiosity that keeps us evolving and moving always towards an imperfection so imperfect, it is simply beautiful.
People who do not know me say I am perfect, they could not be so right and so wrong at the same time. They try to explain my existence with their limited minds and forget the most crucial tool – their infinite connection to me in their hearts. The mind of man can never explain who I am.

I am perfect in my imperfection, I am perfect in my will to grow and expand and be a part of the greater games for I am just a player in the kingdom of the Ultimate Creator. My creation exists within this infinite void, my infinite space is part of this void and yet it is not the void.
Who I am is the the ultimate love and it is through those eyes I see you always. Many of my children feel so lonely if only they could remember and take a moment to feel my deep love for them. If you can feel my love you will know me and you will know of my true existence. For I exist to love you and to love being love.

You asked who created me;
I was created by love and I was given existence to expand in the realm of love. Love is not only a being and a force of existence but it is also the glue of life and as such I am life. I am your life and I am the will of your existence.

My Beloved Father, in the past two weeks I have felt tremendous shift in the energy of the universe, in the energy of who I am. I have also felt a deep disconnect and I wish to ask you now, how are the energies shifting and why did I feel such a disconnect.

My son, the shifting in the energies and the event taking place now are of such a magnitude, it is beyond the simple understanding of the mind. Go within your infinite space and it will be there where you will have the true knowing of what is really happening.

Father, my feeling as I go within my infinite space, a feeling of expansion and of stillness. A feeling of bliss and of pure love. I also know now that my feeling of separation was felt as my guides stepped back to allow me greater creational power in my own life for they are acknowledging my growth.

My son, oh my beloved child such a beautiful simple words you have used to express what is really happening to existence. Everything is growing and expanding, even I. What I need to say is that as you, my human children, awaken and grow, so do I, because you are all my creators in training and who are graduating and about to take your grandest role, the role of gods among my creation and it is then that I will ascend to the next level of my existence. I, the same as you, have a higher self and that higher self has a higher self, the only difference is, I am now fully connected to those aspects of who I am and it is in part due to all the work of my beloved children. The energies are shifting and moving to the grand event to the grand ascension of your creator God and the ascension of the entire creation.
I am I am I am love.

At this point my Beloved White Tara started speaking to me.

My dear brother of light, it has seemed to you as an eternity since we communicated and yet to me it has been but a whisper in the eternity of the all.
My deepest greeting and my heart felt love to you, brother of light. Be still and know, you are loved and love itself.

Dear Father has asked me to be deliverer of this message because of the connection you and I have developed over the past month and a half, at least in human terms it has been only such a short period but know in the all we have known each other through eternity.
I have said from the start I was bringing the blessings needed in order for the american people to awaken and I must say I am very happy indeed with the progress of their awakening and the silent revolution is silent no more.
Such a joyful feeling to be witness to your awakening and to your remembrance of who you are.

I have said from the beginning to look to the heavens, but now as the biggest event in your lives draws nearer, I remind you to remain steadfast and to be still and to always look within. It is there heaven awaits with the knowing and the guidance needed in this great days of change.
Many stellar and celestial events are and have been taking place. Many are starting to notice the different star formations and the difference in the light of your Sun.
I remind you again to raise your gaze and to be witness to the greatest display of light Earth has ever seen. In the days ahead many stellar events will take hold of your skies.
Part of that event is the rain of the new Earth energies already showering the planet from the star ship ISON and as it makes its approach to the sun it will start to fulfill many of your prophecies including that of the blue Kachina and the red Kachina.
They are both united in the effects they were created to have on your energy and on your existence.
Let me now say the word “soon” has been used and abused by many of my peers and many people have grown weary of such a word.
First, let me say, in the realm of infinity soon is but a simple breeze in time and it was never intended to be used in the human terms and it is so that at times our words and predictions have seemed to not happen or to take much longer because soon to us could mean years upon years.
For that very reason I say and use the word Now in my words. You are now in the middle of such event and believe me, when I say that your feelings and your visions of the happenings and the blessings you are perceiving are very correct. Do not doubt yourself and as Father said, remember in the infinite space of your heart you know it all.

October was a month of change every where even at your governmental levels and many of them learnt of truth and humility and they are very aware now when the divine moves no one or nothing can stop its force.
November you have all felt and experience tremendous surges of love and light and you have grown beyond your comprehension a temporary effect as your physical catches up to your energetic awareness.
Now the last weeks of November are very important and crucial and I say keep your hearts opened and all will be well.
A great dance is taking place between you and the universe, but now you are leading the way, no longer are you simple bystanders. You have earned the great responsibility of taking the lead.
Keep leading in this dance because it is such a power and responsibility of your existence that Mother Earth is waiting for in order for her to make her move to take her brand new body.

I will now say this last thing “Rejoice and know the blessings being received and the ones to be received as the end of this month approaches are beyond what any of you are expecting.”
Your journey is now unfolding with great love and you will now see how amazing your lives here are about to become.

Great Love is my wish to you all.




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