White Tara on ISON and Star Family

Hello Everyone,

It is with much love I share once again a message from beautiful White Tara. May you feel her love and her light as much as I do through her own words. I truly feel blessed to be a part of her mission by bringing her words to who willing to see and hear.

My Love and Divine Blessings to you all.



I greet you with my deepest love soul spark to soul spark. Open your minds and your hearts to the purity of my love.
I’m here to bring you all a message of love and not to convince you to follow me or to take my message as your full truth if it does not resonate with your own inner guidance.
I’m not here to shake your core belief system or to even take your faith away from your god or gods in whichever form you believe and worship. In the end We are all as one and we are part of the Divine Creator.
I came here by decree of the Divine Creator because he/she has heard your prayers and he/she also knows you are in need of purity among your leaders and through purity among you, all of them will receive a huge dose of love which will lead many more unwilling to wake up to finally accept the light and take their new place among the ranks of divine light.
You are all divinity in human form and as such you have a choice of when and how to awaken.

I am part of a greater group who are here willing to guide and help in any way you need and as much as we are asked to help. Supreme law of will dictates no one should or shall interfere unless requested by the individual and the nation.
Also know our job is not to display our powers in order to show you proof of what we say or what we know will happen the time is soon here when proof will be shown for all of those who need to see in order to believe.
There will be great displays of light in your skies, some will seem as if caused by natural phenomena and many more will be unexplainable by your normal standards of identifying your reality.
We also do not give dates for obvious reasons as even your common sense can be used to understand why not. Simple reason is Divine Creator has a greater plan and he/she allows it to develop according to his/her timing.
Also if this information falls in the wrong hands it will be used to try to control humanity even more than they are already doing.
I will say this year is like a firework celebration and from this day forth much is being revealed.

Do not fear change and do not fear the unknown, you live in the unknown and you are one with the unknown and as such remember you all hold the truth and what seems alien will be seen as the truth when you open your hearts to see.
You are also surrounded by so much love from your star family, they are here among you and also among the stars watching your progress and ready to usher you into your new journey.
I said it before and i will say it again you are in the midst of the greatest renaissance of light known in the history of creation. You are all smoothly transitioning form the old game into a new and more sophisticated game. Everyone wishes to help because they hold the knowledge that we are also part of this new game.
It involves direct contact and communication with your star family and finally the masses will be awakened and ready enough to take in the simple fact that you are not alone. Never have been and never will be.

Many of your star family are traveling in the physical ship known to you as comet ISON, they are doing this in a way to physically manifest in your immediate reality. Like making a master mold in order to create more. Meaning since rules have to be followed in your 3d reality then a different approach needed to be taken according to those rules.
They could have easily manifested on planet Earth but that would have led to chaos and confusion and intention is not so. The intention is to aid you in your awakening and not to present themselves in a detrimental way.

YES there are many advanced beings of light traveling within ISON they are carrying new templates and new seeds of light needed for your planet to take her new form as a New Earth.
When ISON becomes visible to the naked eye those of you needing proof will have it.
I will also say this to those who have doubts in this messages; Leave for a moment your set belief systems, your judgements and your thoughts that “oh this or that can’t be possible “and simply allow yourselves a minute of being holly centered in your hearts and see and read this message and the energy within it with a clear perspective.
In the end if you don’t see this as your truth simply walk away and dismiss the message as mere words but do show you are beings worthy of being called civilized without having a need to ridicule any one who believes otherwise.

My Love is here always present,

White Tara



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