Lovely White Tara

October 3, 2013

White Tara

I have come to you my dear one in this auspicious day to bless you and to make my presence known.
The energy and the swirling you feel in and around you is my love embracing you and bringing you close to my heart and into my fold.

As it was said to you my presence was indeed manifested fully on the 30th of your month of September. My mantle of purity immediately surrounded the entire United States and all of her people are now being blessed and showned in dream state and for those sensitive enough my love is accelerating their awakening even more.
I am the goddess of virtue of truth and of justice. I awaken the courage in the hearts of all and reveal truth where it has been hidden.

Many of your politicians are now being exposed by their own greed. A few others are taking the right measures to help the people as it was intended for all of them to do. Instead many sided with the love of money and allowed themselves to become puppets to corporations.
Their greed has driven your financial institution to its brink and this has been planned in a way where the least amount of damage will be suffered as the new financial systems becomes active. The all system is a system that had no intention of helping the population but rather the few greedy and power hungry willing to let go of their values and sell their souls for a penny.

My children you have all allowed yourselves to be under their tyranny for far too long and it is that reason why I am present now. I am here to give you your power back, and to make you aware.
You do not need to fall prey to their lies any more. For far too long they have made promises they never intended to keep.
Your beloved office of the president has been tainted and misused over and over and has been made a mockery. A place where values are sold and war is embraced.

Your prayers are now being answered but know you have to take action as well. Raise your hearts to the highest love and spread a message of peace and be an example of peace.

Justice is being served to those unwilling to release warmongering and those greedy for money and power in your governing bodies. They have all been given many chances to reform themselves but old habits die hard. This is justice served by their own hands and this is necessary so they may become aware that it is only a role they have been playing and not their true nature as the spark of the divining is present and it is always pure in each and every human being.
The ones that are soul less and only copies will be deactivated or given souls if they wish to realize a new way of living.
Yes I am speaking of clones that have a consciousness just not a soul to allow them to feel and to have compassion.
Many, many changes are taking place and it will all be revealed in due time. Much more is now being revealed to those who have the eyes to see.

You are all being brought up to speed and your eyes and hearts will be in harmony in that way lies will not be easily bought. There is so much spiritual activity going on in your beloved country in order to awaken the masses that have been hypnotized by false propaganda.

My beloved children your true nature is of love, peace and compassion. I beckon you to accept your true state of being and be the saviors you are waiting for.

Pay attention to your skies as much will be happening and keep an open mind and an opened heart.
Be courageous and compassionate as much will be revealed in the days to come.

Blessed be and may my love and my mantle of purity fill your hearts.


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