Message by Master Lanto


September 21st, 2013
I’m happy to share this message with joy in my heart as I feel the yellow flame run through me.

This is Master Lanto addressing my people of this my beloved Earth.

We the ones you call ascended masters are here to help you in all ways possible but we also wish to acknowledge what incredible work you are all doing through your perseverance and by following the call of your heart.

We understand your eagerness to help comes from good intentions but also allow me to say that there are times when non interference is the best thing to do, and there are times when interference is necessary but only when the right understanding and perspective is acquiared.

Now allow me to congratulate all those of you taking part in this day of peace. It is an incredible and amazing endeavor inspired by the good hearts of many of you wanting to manifest the golden era in your reality.
We are so proud to call you brothers and sisters and we are even more proud to witness the unity you are all exepriencing and your willingness to join together as one heart to invoke change in your reality. It is because of that very reason that our Heavenly Father through his divine wisdom is allowing us to take part and join you in your day of peace. What is significant is that we havebeen given permission to act as we see fit. Meaning there is more allowed than just what is directed. Heaven is a place of love and beauty but on this day of the 21st of September Earth and humanity will uphold and lift all to love and beauty.

Raise your hearts as one voice and united invoke the yellow flame of transmutation, call for change in your understanding of the divine mission and call forth the end of separation and the new era of unity to be manifested now.

On this day the entire grid around and within Earth will glow through the incredible influx of light being sent by all of you and all of us in the hierchy of light. This grand event leads into the day of the equinox a day when much light will be brought forth to bless you all in your ascension.
This two days are crucial as the opening of the gateway signaling the begining of the golden era is activated.

You are finally reaching your new reality, your goal of many lifetimes is fulfilled now. You have entered your new reality, your new way of existence as co-creators in this grand game.
You will no longer be expectarors or no longer will you have a need or a desire to be rescued because you are finally realizing you are the ones you have been waiting for. It is this reason why it has taken a little bit longer, because it was necesary for you all to take this step as co-creators and as active partcipants in this step of steps!

I welcome you all to the new era my dear brothers and sisters and bless you for being strong and open enough to take part in this endeavor. It is from this day forth that you shall all witness the change taking place and it is all through your own doing that a new reality is finally here to be seen and to be embraced.
Spread the news and spread the love, your new reality is now here. Change is now going to become extremely visible, a reality not very pleasing for those wishing to keep you in the dark ages and under their ruling thumbs. You are now free beings and as such demand the change needed in your government.
Peace is what is desired by all and peace is the one priority and peace is now your new reality. Manifest it so by radiating the essence of peace from your hearts and uphold the highest thoughts.

Peace is with you all,


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