Message by the Christ and Jali’El Al Sara

It has been two weeks since the integration of my chirsted soul. I have to admit in so many ways I feel very much the same as I did prior to such an event, but on the other hand so much is taking place within me energetically. I’m experiencing moments of pure clarity more and more often. I have been dreaming a lot more and seeing many things take place in my dreams regarding the ascension of planet Earth and her people.

I have a pure knowing of many events for instance the abolute knowing that We will not be interfering in Syria, and the knowing that many light beings are at work here, reason why interferance is not an option as Light is now at the helm. A feeling and a knowing of subtle shifts and changes in the energetic grid around and of planet Earth, and even shifts in the consciousnees of humanity. Yes at times such a feelings and knowing can be quite taxing and diffiuclt not only on the psyche but on the body. Thankfully with my soul now fully integrated such a pressure does no harm to my body or mind.
It is because of what I know and sense that I have so much hope and respect for humanity, as humans are growing so fast. Such progress is outstanding and not only brings joy to my heart but so much love and humility towards our divinely guided process.

Some people say such a hopeful out look an optimism is a sign of weakness because how can I, or humanity fight against evil and darkness if not with a strong heart and a need to defend myself and my loved ones through if needed physical violence. I think Mahatma Ghandi was a prime teacher in reaching power through civility and peaceful loving ways.
Many humans still need to understand that We are creating our reality and, if we were all to hold the perfect picture of peace and love, such old paradigm behavior of needing to fight to survive will no longer be necessary because we are creating peace by the resonance of our hearts.

I am a warrior at heart but I also understand that it is by holding the absolute image of peace and love that I am bringing the fight to those who wish to keep us under control. I have done so through hundreds of past lives doing the physical fight, and now wish to concentrate on bringing forth the new paradigm of the peaceful warrior.
In fact it is time to be in constant fluid motion creating our reality that even a set way of doing is not necesary at times because paradigms are no longer necessary.
Reminds me of my younger years when I always believed in making it up as I went along, although then I had no clear image of what was to come I always held on to the faith and belief that I would be taken care of.
I now have a similar belief but with a greater knowing and understanding that making it up as I go along seems like more of a nice happy game to play.

The power of manifestation has increased ten fold, if not a thousand fold. We are now creating almost instantly when we hold the thought and the idea of excellence within our hearts. It is through the power of the heart that the mind can clearly create a reality more suitable for all of us to be able to leave in harmony. I strongly and passionately believe we are completely ready to live in harmony with each other and with our environment, and it will be then that our star brothers and sisters will openly approach us to make that so awaited contact. I won’t say first contact as it happened decades if not hundreds of years ago.

We have been under their observation and they are patiently waiting for us to be able to accept their presence once again. The irrational fear has been perpetuated by films and by social programming and even by hidden programing through television and films. Our star brothers and sisters aren’t here to either rescue us or to be our deliverers but to be our guiding friends as they have been through the same process over and over again, except they hold their memories intact.

I know I have jumped from one topic to the other but they all go hand in hand as the spectrum of assistance we are receiving is beyond measure. The constant assistance and prayers and showers of light from our angelic brethren is also beyond measure. We are really coccooned in this amazing bubble of light and we are capapble of transmutting and anchoring all that light into even greater octaves of light.

We humans are really magnifying beacons of light and our work isn’t going unnoticed. Heaven is truly grateful for the wonderful service humanity is providing to the All.
Yes I am happy, I am optimistic, I am forever hopeful and I am truly at peace that what is taking place is unprecedented and a reality so real that we need not fear cataclysms or earthquakes, or mass distruction because we have transcended beyond those timelines and have entered a new era of absolute peace and love and it is this why so much transformation is taking place all over the world.

Open your eyes,
Open your wings wide and clear my beloved family.
Reach with your hearts far beyond the old existence and hold verily within your sacred hearts the image and the knowing you are free to be.

Use the love of life as your stepping stone to move forth into the reality of Joy.
The joy and the love of the New Earth is here now for us to embrace and to bring to fruition in our reality.
Quiet whispers of the absolute truth are now ringing forth into the ears of those willing to hear.
You are all now at a level ready to be more than just ascension but to fully manifest your divinity here in the now.
The true divine plan is now unfolding and many are starting to realize it was never only about ascension but the complete manifestation and the anchoring of divine light through you all my dear hearts.

You are taking part of manifesting your own and helping Mother Earth manifest, yours and her quantum resonance field, as this takes effect, light and its frequencies will exponentially increase on a daily basis.
Now the only special thing you all need to do is to hold the image of perfection in your minds and the love and knowing in your hearts that you are blessed and provided forth to the max.

Love and blessings,

Jali’El Al Sara

My Beloved one it is in love and with a joyous heart I greet you and bestow upon you a blessing of love.
I greet all of you reading this message as well and I lovingly say to you all within my words and within the frequency of all words written here by Jali’El are hidden activations and blessings of light and love.

With the highest love of Father Creator I give you love and divine blessigns to open your hearts to greater light and to assist you in rasing your frequency to the highest level possible to each and every one of you amazing beacons of light.

It is as simple as the science of physics to know that the higher and fastest frequency supersedes the lowest thus bringing balance to the vacuum it creates when the two meet.
It is now with the love and the power of who I am that I share on to you the love and joyous healing force of the Christ.

I am the Christ and I greet you all as my divine mirrors and my brethren who are now here manifesting the highest light possible.
It is now in this times that the Christ force is being manifested through all of you into the reality now surrounding you. With your hearts echo and amplify this gift and share it with your world and with all of humanity.

I now surround you all willing and ready to accept my blue and golden mantle of love and protection, it is in this way I now activate your inner grid to anchor the Christhood within you all.
I am also sharing a symbol that holds and gives the frequency of the divine mantle of the christ. Use it well and as much as desired but be forwarned to use it only for the highest good. Be also aware this might have you sweating as much as Jose is sweating as he holds the space needed to manifest such a frequency.
Simply what is being shared is a finely attuned symbol via vibrational/light language combined as one in order to directly enter your inner grid and to rearrange your DNA to allow you to hold the Christ Light.

Many blessigns children of the light go forth and live your lives in your highest light possible and know we are all as one.

Christ Love


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