Remembering to breathe by Saint Germain

Lovely Saint Germain has been present for quite some time in my life now and today he blessed me with a direct communication. Hope this helps and gives some understanding.


Sweet souls, shining bright and loving strongly.
You are all warrior souls deep in your hearts. You are all enduring the tension of the greatest transformation in the history of creation. We see you as we are all around you in these times of great shifts and we are witnessing your rapid and most brilliant adapting to ever flowering and increasing new energies.
Your physical bodies are a magnificent measure of how fast physical beings can turn into beings of light, great beings becoming beacons and anchors of light.
Each and everyone of you awakening now is holding space and anchoring the light for your brothers and sisters soon to awaken.
You are all indeed like a snow ball tumbling down a huge hill of snow and as you catch momentum your light and your knowing is becoming greater and greater.

Make sure for those that can, get plenty of rest and lots of fresh air and if possible brisk walks to help ground the energy and to move any stuck or no longer needed old energies.
The more light is pouring down the more there is a need to clear and make space for this new and higher frequencies.
Our creator indeed created a wondrous vehicle that would carry souls as humans.
It’s ability to adapt and change and grow and to handle gradual increments in light and frequency is truly outstanding.
Above all one of the most important things to remember even more so than the “correct” diet and exercise remembering to breathe properly is of the utmost importance.
You can all easily breathe in the light of the stars and of the sun with your intention alone.
Take a moment to go outside when possible and breathe in the light of the surrounding nature and through your intention you can purify the air you breathe by breathing only it’s pure light.
Breathe in the suns nourishing rays or breathe in the love of Mother Earth all it takes is the desire and the intention to do so.

Start by becoming aware of your breath and feel it fill your lungs with each breath you take after a few aware breaths with an opened heart and much gratitude connect with the sun, the moon, the earth the air, nature or the universe itself if you wish to and start taking deep slow breaths knowing that with each movement the light of your chosen thing will fill your lungs but also your entire body system.
This will serve as a many fold exercise. It will help clear old stuck energies in the out breath specially if you intend it so although not fully necessary. It will help raise your awareness and your frequency and will allow for your light body to not only expand but to start moving and to match the frequency of the chosen object. ( moon, sun, earth, tree etc )
This exercise can even be practiced with another human preferably a loved one.
This is a very simple and fast conscious step to raise frequency and to help transmute the energies and to also ground all the incoming new upgrades.
This my dear souls was one of the main exercises and practices although not the only one that allowed me to transmute my physical body into a body able to move between the physical and the light.
I wasn’t always while in incarnation a master of the violet flame or the violet ray.
It was a blessing bestowed upon by the true Master of the Violet Ray.
It was this master that approached me in meditation and taught me the above mentioned exercise and allowed me to feel the great possibilities behind such simple way to expand light and to even extend life.
You say you want an elixir of life my dear souls that is a simple one and a powerful one. Just remember to breathe properly and breathe in the light of all that surrounds you that can be beneficial to you.
You will learn much by doing so. I will not go into specifics as I do not wish to lay expectations upon you and besides it is the experimenting and the experience on our own that is the greatest quest of all.

Another variation is to invoke the violet flame around you and to then proceed to breathe it in as mentioned and this process will I’m a controlled manner accelerate the releasing and the burning of old karma and of stuck energies that aren’t the highest for you in this now.
Use your imaginations and there is no limit to what is possible by remembering how to breathe.

I will now wish you the greatest abundance of love in your path and have an amazing journey and always remember to breathe.

Saint Germain


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