A call to declare our freedom and our unity!

Today I had another amazing meditation and as I walked through what I was told was the hall of the Gods.
I witnessed before me in rows leading to a huge room many of the known beings referred as gods including egyptian and olympian gods.
As I alone walked through this hall I felt a sense of welcoming and a sense of peace and excitement not only from me but from all the gods standing along the sides in rows.
It felt like a celebration and I approached the big room and went in through a huge gate befitting of the room I was walking into.
I noticed there was what seemed like a huge flower like but also many arm throne which at some point also looked like the indian god known as Ganesh although it was just a perception and there was the one and true creator a united being male/ female as one.
This amazing being loved me and embraced me and as it did this gave me a sense of independence through the energy of power and love being channeled in to me through the embrace.
I received a disk of light and was told how to use it almost like a master key and as I tried it I felt it expand between my hands.

Now as I’m seating here feeling this great sense of excitement and knowing I say with conviction and ask you and all who read this to declare with conviction my words, no the words of the creator being written through me…..

Egypt and all of Middle East will soon find a solution beneficial to all.
All Of Earth shall know peace as difficult a concept to believe.

The ones causing damage and are running rampant will soon find themselves asking for forgiveness and will have to review their lives their choices and their priorities.
We are now to be freed from oppression and all mental and emotional control.

We declare our sovereignty as beings of love and light and accept our heritage as humans and as peace loving united race.
We are one with the creator and no longer shall lesser beings determine the quality of our lives and shall no longer keep us from our god given right to live a happy and peaceful life.
The path before us is the path of awakening and understanding and the knowing that we have the power to bring into our fold the existence of unity and that we have the power to love all we want and the knowing that all is provided for.
Abundance is our right and our true way of life.

No longer shall humanity accept less than and no longer shall we be oppressed by the power hungry and the misguided.
I declare, We declare with the power of our hearts and the blessings of all the angels of heaven, all the ascended Masters and the guidance and blessings of the divine Creator We are Free and sovereign beings.

With our hearts strong and our heads held high and with the thunderous voice of unity as one We command and demand our precious freedom our joyous way of life.

Love is our way, our strength and love is now setting us free.
Love is our clear vision and our deep knowing.
Love is our discernment, and our wisdom.
Love is our bond and our connection and our uniting bond.
Love is our one and only truth!
Love is our beacon and our path and love is leading the way.
Love is our voice and as such it shall be heard.
Love is our intention and our reality.
Love is love and we are love for we come from the true source of Love.

Now be free and feel the joy you were all born to be!



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