Communion with Divine Goddess



Today the day of the full moon was a very interestingly strong day. At some point in the afternoon I felt really tired and my body felt heavy and like I wasn’t fully in my body. I decided to take a nap and although my body was asleep I was fully aware and could feel strong energy pulsating and swirling around me and within me.
Finally managed to go out to eat and noticed how beautiful the moon looked big and orange.

Once back home after a while of resting I decided to meditate and started to play my singing bowl, it plays D note which is the note of the heart.
I invoked the beings of light, Babaji, Sanat Kumara, Divine Father and Divine Mother.
I had a little chat with them asking them to allow me to experience samadhi I won’t go into detail to what samadhi means this time.
The energy around felt strong and pulsating and moving extremely fast and made me feel light and embraced by so much love. As I played the bowl I chanted Om several times and could feel a huge shift in the air.

After a few slow breaths I started to have a vision, I was transported into a vast ocean that looked the same way the ocean would look at night if the full moon would be at horizon level.
At first saw a white lotus and then I was standing within the lotus, the moment I became conscious of being there in front of me as if rising from the water but almost as being out of no where a white star case that rose into an altar like space that held a giant white million petal lotus. As I was noticing all of the details and the beauty of the petals I noticed that the flower was seating on top of two white tigers, and in the the middle some petals formed a dome like shape and seating there was a beautiful female, lovely pale skin looked so smooth and perfect, and she was wearing a peachy/red clear pants and top that showed her belly and left arms exposed and pants exposed from knee down.
She told me I am Shakti, Bali, Lakshmi, Mary, Nada,Athena, I am the one known by a billion trillion names and yet I am who I am.
She also said I have a gift for you and a message to humanity.

She pulled me close to her and I realized she was so tall and in her heart area I could see the entire universe, that is exactly where she placed me. As she did this my breathing changed and became deep and slow in a rhythmic way and then as I would breathe out it went in slow burst like fashion and that process made all my physical discomfort disappear and my diaphragm was rhythmically moving with the short bursts of my breath and this also made me feel a nice warmth run through my body and a deep sense of not needing to breathe and at times I became breathless and more aware than ever.
The sense of love and bliss was unlike any other I felt as if I was one with the divine Goddess that held me within her heart and one with the infinite universe within her . She told me the breath she was showing me is called the Breath of Infinity and also explained that what I was experiencing was my gift of samadhi.
I also just remembered now at some point I saw dragons moving around her and they spoke to me and said We are the dragons of force and a white one said he was the dragon of love and another one said the dragon of purity. They looked beautiful and majestic and their movements were poetic to say the least as they moved around divine Goddess.

Now here is her message,

My beloved children,

Heed my words and let it be known that being in duality is no longer needed or necessary and is only a choice. You have all transcended the need to exist in such limited way of being but those of you that wish to still have such a experience have the right to be.
Your planet is now in her birthing process and I say now because it is happening this very instant and she is manifesting her glorious self and her light grows by the minute. She is almost all the way through the birth canal and the time to celebrate her birth and your awakening is now at hand.
Fear not as the Earth beneath you rumbles and shakes, fear not the thunderous roar as that is only the trumpets of heaven announcing her Christed body taking form.
The days ahead are days of celebration and joy and all of humanity will be dropping their petty differences and will start seeing each other with the eyes of the heart. No more will there be a need for competition because all will be provided for.
You will see each others purity and no longer concentrate on the mere appearance of the physical shape. The moment your planet is born it will be a place of purity and of heart energy and it is this that will give humanity their final push because where there is love darkness can no longer exist.
See and learn from the children of the earth being born now with this new template in their DNA and in their energetic grid. They are the new holders of the light and the way showers for all of you who have had to struggle in the density of duality.
You are all now turning into anchors of light and shine brighter day by day.
Again I repeat myself this is not something that will happen many years from now, but is actually happening and taking shape now.
Take notice of your life now for it is in this moment that life is happening and the grand shift of an entire planet that took the mission with all her inhabitants to help evolve all of creation. Yes my children you are all helping to bring change not only to your close surrounding but the entire creation and its many layers. Your lessons and your courage is reaching to all the corners of existence, it is why there is so many beings observing you because you are all being great teachers and you will soon be even greater at teaching. You are all taking action consciously or unconsciously but you are all forming this beautiful picture being witnessed by heaven and the All.
Yes We are all part of a greater All including myself and Father Creator.
It is why this tremendous and incredible shift and growth is taking place because you are all being prepared to take your place as creators and as part of the council of creators.
I myself I’m part of the council of female creators, but also know I am not saying there is separation between male and female creators but more of a system to recognize our individuality, because just as you hold a sense of individuality so do we with the exception that We are also always very connected and as one.
My children there is so much being revealed now and so much more that is about to be revealed and as the light increases the veil between the dimensional layers gets thinner and thinner and the day will soon be when you will see into the next layer of existence.
Open your hearts and experience such a beauty and state of being as it is available now without needing to wait for the actual shift to happen. It is as if now you hold the remote control and you know what channel to tune to at will and by choice.
My children if you wish to meditate and experience love and the beauty of it all and the excitement of life I offer to those willing to reach out this key

Ba Sa hara Eloi E’ Elohim ni chi dira saham

By saying that three times out loud or in your thoughts and by following your heart you will be transported to your own lotus flower and I shall come to greet you all, this is my gift and my promise to you all who wish to meet me half way.

I must say till soon now
May eternal love be forever present within the fire of your spirits.

Mother God


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