My inspiration and words of wisdom by Ashtar

A sweet reminder

The sacredness of the moment of being in that pure space of wonderment is such an incredible feeling to experience.
Now in the age of technology many resort to wanting to capture that moment of beauty as the magic happens around us.
It is such a gift when great images are captured to share with others, but it is even greater when We are free to take a moment to just enjoy that instant in time. That completely unique moment that will never happen in the history of creation.
Take a breath and enjoy the uniqueness of that instant without having to worry about reaching for a camera or a cell phone to take video or a picture as the instant We reach for them We cease to exist in the flow of that moment captured by the soul.
Last night in my corner of this lovely world, We had such a lovely electric atmosphere. There was lightning and thunder which is not a regular occurrence here in the Bay Area the feeling was magical.
The clouds in the evening were accentuated by the beautiful light of the bright full moon. The air smelled delicious and clean and everything about the night was simply magical.

Decided to take a drive at 11pm up the hill to get a better view of the moon and the clouds, and upon finding the perfect spot to park sat down after enjoying the amazing view and started to meditate.
The air was charged and took me deep into meditation and my senses opened up. I was breathing in the light of the moon and connecting with my higher self and my guides and my soul.
I felt a spiraling breeze around me and a sense of joy and playfulness and at the same time I could hear movement around me when i suddenly realized I was being surrounded by nature spirits that were curious about what i was doing. They surrounded me with the joyfulness of who they are and the cooling spiraling breeze that made my heart soar.
I opened my eyes and could see lots of movement, they were like children playing in the wind. they were enjoying themselves and the light of the moon as much as I was. They were also being mischievous and were moving tiny rocks around me, I could hear the sound of the rocks as if some one was playfully throwing rocks around me and so i grabbed some and threw them to play with them.
I then shifted my focus within and started to communicate with my guides and with my star brothers and was asking for a sign that they were around and to please give a display of light or something in the sky. Moments later something went across the sky that left momentarily a bright streak of light.
Now whether this was their doing or not the timing couldn’t have been any better.

I extended my senses when all of a sudden a presence got my attention and as I turned to my left I could feel and lightly see the etheric shapes of about five tall beings walking my way. They came close to me and after several minutes of silence they proceeded to let me know the reasons why they couldn’t quite manifest themselves in physical form right there and then.
The main reason they gave is due to needing to follow certain regulations but the main one has to do with divine timing, and my time to physically see them is not yet.
Deep down in my heart I have always known about such rules and regulations but there is a part of me that longs for that contact with my origins.
As a star being I have always felt trapped and isolated, although now in my later years I have finally decided to fully enjoy my incarnation here and to make the best of all the assistance I receive and to also fulfill my mission in love and joy.

I realized there’s no point in being here if I’m not willing to do it with a big smile of my face.
I know as impatient as I can be it all has to do with timing and with the flow of the divine. So far the divine has taken great care of me and provided everything I need, including long painful lessons that allowed me to grow in such wonderful ways. Also allowed me to understand that the growing process does not need to be and in fact was never intended to be painful, but We as humans have a different perception and our own unique way of experiencing life. Yes i said We humans, because after all I am human and loving it. I will be a star being when the time comes but as of now I will and I am cherishing the most incredible gift given to me which is the opportunity to have physical form here and specially in a human body, delicate and frail yet more powerful than anything I have ever experienced through out my existence.
A divine being of light making its way in a small container that has the ability to generate so much power if used correctly. Can’t argue with such perfection called Human.

Ashtar approached me at this point

Good morning to you my dear friend,

I have taken the liberty of observing you while you wrote your inspirational story. I took notice of the joy in your heart and was immediately transported to you, as you very well know We have a deep connection that goes back eons and eons of years back, to time immemorial.
We have a deep connection through the threads of life and the threads of the soul.

It really makes me happy to see your progress and your final acceptance of being in human form as it is such an amazing gift.
It is truly exhilarating to witness such change in you but even more so to witness the hundreds of your fellow humans understanding the beauty of life and connecting with their spiritual selves every day. Many, many are awakening and it is happening so fast it literally makes your head spin. Ah if you could see us you would see the joy in our hearts when We see you grow and reach the understanding of what human life is all about, and what being part of a greater existence is all about.

You expressed it well in your understanding of the sacredness of being in the now, that moment when We can all be as one in the perfection of the divine creator. At that moment is when We cease to be separate and become as one.
The reason is simple at that moment the ego itself enjoys being a part of greater self and surrenders to the purity of the now.

Now in reality We are always as one but it is when the ego identifies itself as a separate entity and concentrates too much on its needs thats when We stop embracing the all.
Now you see and understand the simplicity of being always connected, as simple as enjoying the playfulness of nature devas and as simple as looking up and breathing in the light of your celestial moon. Yes you are fortunate that you have the ability to perceive such a things and now you ask what about the people that live their lives day to day seemingly unaware of the all?
Worry not about them as everyone seeming aware or not has their soul guidance and their undeniable connection to the divine. After all they are just playing a role as much as you and I are playing a role in the grand play of the divine.
We are all equal from the most enlightened to the seemingly ignorant, there is no difference as We are all players in the game the Creator invited us to be a part of.
Do you understand now why We have the ability to fully love you unconditionally at all times?
I knew you understood because you posses such a pure loving heart.
Have you noticed how much light is accelerating lately, specially from the month of July to this special week of blessings?
The reason is that you are all invoking and demanding peace and joy in your lives, that is your nature peace and love and heaven is answering to all your prayers and demands of love.
Yes you can all freely demand love as it is your birth right.

After the 22nd of august life will change for ever here on your planet Earth as from that day forth every day will be like gateways allowing for greater infusions of light to be present constantly. You are all changing physically and your DNA is going from carbon based to crystalline and beyond crystalline for you are all moving beyond the normal way of existence and transcending to levels unheard of. You are all accomplishing such a miraculous transformation and you have been the first to reach such levels .
You really all are super stars!

Blessings my bright stars of light and keep loving and living life to the fullest and with pure innocence and wonderment and see life open like a beautiful flower before you.
Brother Ashtar Loves you always


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