Father God Speaks



It really feels like a long, long time has gone by since I last wrote,or channeled anything.

Earlier today I was hit by an extreme sense of well being and joy and could feel strongly how the energy was shifting.

The highest of the highest has granted a divine dispensation and flowing blessings from the 15th of August through the 22nd as a blessed gift for the tremendous work and achievements and progress by all of humanity and the passage of the holy activations of light.

Blessings my dear children;
It is with great joy that i come to you to congratulate you, and to say how proud I am of you all for persevering in this times of drastic change and growth and I know deep within my heart the courage and strength that takes to make it through the portal recently crossed called Holy Activations of Light.
I myself have experienced such a process in my physical incarnation eons of years ago.

Surprised about me saying I have been in physicality?
After all this is but a simple reply to your question as to my presence in a physical form. I know what it is like to experience hardship and I know this might bring ridicule to the channel but it is a necessary thing to say as many nowadays have wondered what would I do if I were to experience the hardships of being human or in physical form.
It is with great love and compassion that I see you all and with my knowing and experience I can say I know what it is like as how else can I send you my children to experience such powerful lessons and growth if I wouldn’t know first hand what it is like, and what it feels like to have such experiences in physical form.

What is the Holy Activation of Light?
it is a passage that can be compared to the trial by fire say. It is like the name implies holy activations of light which means you all have had to experience a sort of cleansing by sacred light language in order to be able to take the next step into the New Earth. Many new codes and energy frequencies have been infused within your Earth’s grids and your own physical grid. Many of your psychics will be able to start seeing your beautiful light you all radiate now. A beautiful new blue print is being manifested this way…. Ascension has never looked so beautiful.

The New Earth is indeed a reality, more real than anything you know to be real now. A lighter faster frequency is what is embracing you all and through this time from 15th to the 22nd of August you will all help to anchor and integrate the blessings now being flowed into your levels of existence.

This is now a poignant time in your spiritual evolution and never in the history of creation has there been so much aid and infusion of higher light into the lower realms in order to accelerate and bring you all into the fold of this your new home.
You, All my children have done an excellent work in your fast tracked spiritual schooling here in the lower densities.
My beautiful dream team I always knew such a high expectations and goals for the promise of a grand new game could only be brought to fruition by you my beloved family.

It is now I who shows you deep gratitude for a job well done.
Praise be to thee my children, my little creators!

Father God

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