A Poem from my heart

Love is simplicity in its grandest capacity.
Love simply
Love to your greatest capacity
Life unfolds!

Beating heart,
Rhythmic pulse
Flower of life within the soul
Spirit within time and space
All encompassing reality within existence in the true purpose of life
Life is love, life is about loving life itself in a romantic flowing exchange of purity.
Love and life like two passionate lovers unifying and becoming as one and the same without separation.

A yearning desire to exist in a pure simplicity as one.
Enjoying a momentous expression of bliss when the lovers see eye to eye,
Heart to heart.
An explosion of purity an expansion of life creating a new living, loving soul.

Here is the true meaning of life once again,
life begets life
Love begets love
Rising from the fires of being ness a new life begins within the infinite source.

Dear Children of the light open your hearts to the true meaning of life,
many search for the true purpose in existence, and for their mission.
Do you not see how simple it is to understand what your mission is, what your purpose is?

Does a child not love unconditionally, and why is it possible for a child to experience such love?
Because they have no reasoning to get in the way, no means of complicating life.
All humans are capable of such an expression of love, a love so grand and simple and it is there where the key to purpose is hidden, within love so pure.
A love whose purpose is only to love as it understands the true blissful existence of being in its purest state, in direct communion of itself by knowing itself.

Exist in simplistic moments and you all shall understand what it means to be alive in the perfection of who you are.
Open your wings of your loving hearts my dear children and know your existence and your purpose as one and the same, to know love by knowing yourselves, by knowing yourselves you shall know God creator.

Feel free and be free to love to your fullest capacity my loved ones because in doing so you exist in your truest form.
May the love in your hearts be strong, and may that love create a light unlike any other, one to be witnessed from the furthest recesses of creation.

We Are love and You are love and We are as one.
Heart of Creation


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