Angelic message

I’m so happy to be able to share such a message and as they spoke their words and their tones tears streamed down my face and to be able to feel such a love and beautiful message it is beyond what I can describe.

With love,



Elo, Elo,Elo et chera si na E’ dra us sena iti chi el nam si ni mu taru chi la ne ma
Translation :
Salutations to you from God most high and from the angelic kingdom.
We come to you know through time and space in a place of perfect peace and love.
We bear a message of light and tones from the angelic spheres.

“May the infinite wings of Creator all mighty embrace you all in his warm blissful embrace.
It is now imperative that you all remain in a place of pure courage and know that We are all guiding you in this time of great transition.
Know there is so much light available to you not only at the end of the tunnel but even more so here and now in this birth canal in which you are now passing through.
This is a wonderful beautiful time for you and us all. We are your witnesses and hail you for such beautiful awakening. You echo in our heart for your bravery, for your mastery and for the lessons you are,bringing forth and great opportunity for us to grow along side you.
We are like anxious parents, pacing back and forth waiting for their child to be born, except in your case you will all come out as great masters and the teachers that you are.
Universe itself awaits for your teaching to spread far and wide and a celebration is now in place awaiting your emerging from density and duality into your birthright place where you shall all take to heart your new awakening.

Never in history have there been so many being graduating at one and with such a mastery. Not only do you,now know theory but you have mastered the art of living your knowledge even when that knowledge wasn’t readily available. You all tapped in to your inner core, conscious and unconsciously but you manage to,master the strength to move forth.
We all your guides and angels are in such awe and happiness for your perseverance , your audacity.
Raise your hearts in unison and hear the call to be teachers and the bearers of the new knowledge. Praise with all your might the will and love of creator as you become whole once again in his happy embrace.
Dista ra cha ma si ra el en su la ta na ridi E’

Eli, Eli, Eli




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