I love you all.

My Beloved family of light, my fellow light workers. It is from deep within my heart that I bring forth this message to you all.

” The time to claim your sovereignty is here now, no need to keep on waiting for a big elusive shift, no more do you need to wait for a big event but instead open your heart to the glory of it all.
Change has happened, shift has happened and the New Earth is now here. Feel it with your heart and embrace it with your souls and allow your mind to see the new reality and release the old paradigm.
Life is here now, the new dimension is here….The true level of love is here and waiting for you all to perceive it and welcome yourselves home.
My love for you all is real, feel this love flow through your heart and through every cell in your body, and embrace now the divinity that you are.
Wait no more for saviors, wait no more for an outside trigger and instead allow yourselves to be revealed as the true masters that you all are.

An expansion of the heart is a call to the universe, a call to the divine that you, that We are ready to accept that We are as one with the All and that We are ready to live in a reality of pure love and harmony.
We are sovereign beings and We have the right and the responsibility to reach out to change, to reach out for the shift and be the shift now in this moment, in this wonderful present and live in joy with an opened heart. Love, harmony, joy and bliss are always here and all that needs to be done is to open your eyes and know that the light at the end of the tunnel is here now…there is only light in front and ahead of of us, there is only love in your reality…..welcome it, rejoice in it all.

The genie of creation is here now, make your wish, and accept it, love it, live it, be it and flow with the happiness of the All.
I see you all, I know you All for I see and know myself now and We are all connected by the thread of life that is our connection to the divine to our true source our loving home.

Soar like there is no limit because in the heart of the All there is no such limitations and only you can decide which direction to go.
Live life, love life, be life.

We are one, We are love.

My Heart



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