Bridging the Higher Heart and Mind.

Holding on to outcomes, specially outcomes created by our minds can be quite detrimental to our mental and emotional well being, if the desire outcome doesn’t come about it can lead to disappointment and serious disillusionment.

Disillusionment and disappointment seemed to be the theme for the longest time in the spiritual communities after the gateway of 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 since We were not swooped down and rescued by our star family or even for most the fact that the shift wasn’t as spectacular as they were led to believe. The build up to those days was a little overwhelming since We had the mayan calendar and many predictions about great changes.

Fortunately the great shift and the many changes that are taking place are just as easy to notice as a slight change in our awareness and perception.

Divine Heart of Oneness, I would like advise on how to rise above the disillusion and disappointment brought about by expectations.

I greet you in Unity of heart and bless you with the pure divinity that is you.

The first step and perhaps the hardest for many is to be totally merged in the divine moment of the NOW. In this poignant time in the history of humanity and of creation, never has it been so fluid and easy to connect and merge with the reality of the now and the perfect moment of existence when We can have a true view of what living is like and the joyful enjoyment of a Holy Minute, a moment in time with the perfect communion with all that is and the moment that reality presents itself naked without barriers, without thoughts but a great variety of feelings and emotions and a deep knowing that We are looked after.

Second is to be fully in the heart, connected to the higher heart and form an opened bridge between the higher heart and the mind. Now this leads to an obvious question, how to create or form a bridge between the two?

A fast and simple way to start is to remember a moment in time when you were completely at peace perhaps by the enjoyment of a quiet moment or a moment when you were fully in love. By doing that you are reminding yourself what it’s like to have an opened heart which makes it much easier to connect the higher heart and the mind.
If you haven’t had such a moment then imagine being in a situation when you can experience total peace or a complete moment of surrender when you don’t have to be concerned about being exposed or feeling vulnerable.
Once you have recognized such feeling bring your attention to your breath, now there is no need to breathe in any particular way at this time but simply having awareness in your breathing will automatically align you to the flow of the heart. As your feel your stomach rise and fall see the sign of infinity be created between your heart and your mind the higher heart being the center point and the lower end the heart and higher end the mind. If seen from the front this would look more like the number eight. At first it starts with a simple outline of the infinity sign but with each breath it grows in its radiance and it starts to take a fiery form, brighter and as the radiance starts becoming more like a flame the center point starts expanding until it encompasses entire infinity sign thus creating a full radiance sphere. Once the infinity signs looks more like a sphere or a mini sun thats when the connection or the bridge is formed and created.
When this takes place the brain will start releasing the feel good hormones and will also release the same chemical reaction as when you are deeply in love.
Thats an easy way to recognize the connection has taken place between the higher heart and the mind. As you develop this practice each time it will take less and less time to connect and will also allow you think/feel in unison thus creating a higher thought pattern that can become gateways into the celestial realms and the divine knowing of the all. It is there that all kinds of knowledge can be accessed.

Once you learn to do that it can be used in your daily life and in doing so reality takes a different form and it becomes more about enjoying the now and less about what will be. It is common knowledge amongst people that time is about unity and therefore time isn’t linear and past present and future are just a perception away from your inner spirit which has a view of the higher picture therefore has no need to have expectations because it exists in that perfect moment.

Blessings and Love and may your hearts enjoy a Holy Minute
Heart of Oneness


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