Words of acknowledgement by Ashtar


On this day I am sharing a great message Given to me by Ashtar. I was feeling restless all night and couldn’t sleep as I was feeling a huge shift taking place. The shift was not only felt in my entire body but my intuition was pulsating in a way that I felt fully energized to the point that I remained fully awake until 5 am. Ashtar approached me around 3 am and gave me his loving message, with a sense that he is full of hope and love for us all.
Hope you enjoy reading and feel the energy embedded within.



It is through the supreme love and absolute truth that I now come to you, to give you a message of love and divine understanding for you and all of humanity.
May you all heed my words and follow with the purity of your hearts.
I am here to welcome you in to the grand awakening taking place throughout the universe and your gem of a planet known to us as the Pearl of the Sun.

You have as a whole reached a crucial and tipping point in your spiritual evolution ,a tipping point that many have been taken lightly and many have gone unaware of.
We know of the trail blazers, the explorers who have been pushing forth and I , We of the Great Alliance of Light acknowledge you and bless you for your great sacrifice.
We are also aware that many of you are eagerly awaiting for our return and although We haven’t come forth in a way that would satisfy many an ego do know that we are here constantly inspiring you and sending you thoughts of love and light.
We will not fully interfere until the time comes when you are willing and accepting to see the unity that forms you all as a race. when you are ready to accept yourselves only then will you be ready to accept us and it is then that We shall all welcome you into the folds of the great collective.
Many of our representatives of earth those aware and those unaware are doing a wonderful job of bringing forth the understanding to the rest of humanity and the acceptance of you all, although slow it might seem it is making us proud and in awe of your perseverance despite the seeming lack of connection. It is this perseverance through the face of it all that makes you a wonderful species because you show courage even in the face of your own frailty.
it is that reason that We are here to bless you, guide you and inspire you, by watching you rise to the occasion We feel a tremendous sense of gratitude to you all for the amazing lessons you are teaching us all the beings of light. Your courage, your faith even in the face of change is truly inspiring.
Many speak of how much help you receive from us all but very few mention the incredible lessons you are teaching us in the higher realms. You are great teachers to us and through your great lessons We are growing in our love and our light.
We commend you and thank you for the reach of your lessons and your perseverance has reached to all the corners of creation. You are truly great Gods/Goddesses in training. You are the ones that the supreme creator put his faith and trust, you are the ones capable of bringing change to all of existence, you are the catalysts for great change to creation and the explorers who are uplifting the supreme creator to the next level of his/her being ness.
Your dreams and goals are great and you will all be gratified in the days to come. Time for the great awakening is here and time for celebration is upon you. Rejoice for you have all fulfilled your divine plan and now it is a matter of simply changing your perception to see the great changes that have taken place. It is now that you must start enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Blessed are you and may the Supreme Creator filled your hearts and souls with great love.


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