Embracing change within

Facing a moment of deep emotional clearing as I am releasing that which has kept me hidden for so long.
I am now releasing the old and bringing in a divinely refined light.
Allowing the strength to replace the fear of the divine feminine to take hold of my heart.
I see the love that you are divine goddess in the eyes of every women that walks before me, in every women in this world and beyond.
Take hold of my soul and allow me to shine your love oh divine mother for it is through you that I shall shine in the deepest state of clarity because it is you who guides my soul.
I am your vessel to bring forth the divine feminine as I balance the divine masculine through your loving embrace.
I bask in your grace and dwell within your loving existence, my heart rejoices and dances with the perfection of your heart. I claim your love as my own as you awaken the bliss within me and so it is by the power I behold you to be!


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