Sweet timelessness


Feeling an excitement so deep and an even greater sense of joy. My heart feels like doing an eternal dance in the room of existence. Beloved you gather all the wondrous beauty in existence and embrace yourself carrying all the love of creation within your core. Transcendence of being, merger of life and a light so graceful flowing deep within your heart. Beloved, reach through eternal calmness without a ripple in time. Rejoice in the knowing bliss is your essence and life is your eternal dance.

My dear heart why am I so happy?

To be in divine flow, to tap into the fluidity of the eternal creation. To exist in the simplest form and to thrive in the greatness of the all. In this moment in this now that is what you are experiencing – a deep connection to divine simplicity and humbly knowing the greatness of it all. It is the deep soul felt gratitude that you are feeling now and it echoes through eternity with the love of all beings of love sending it back and loving you to the core.

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